Repit Natif Cleasing Repair and Aqua Moist Essence Review

     Sarcastic, mischievous and dry, these are the first three adjectives I would say to describe myself, and I confidently believe that the term ' dry' describes me perfectly as an individual, from my dry humor, dry lips, dry skin, scalp and hair. So anything labelled as oil, hydration and moisturizer appeal me the most and today I am writing down a review of two hair care products that work wonder in moisturizing and hydrating my dry scalp and hair. 

A Gentle Approach to Combat Acne

There is always a time in life when your skin raging, it happened to me for 4 months after being terribly sick. I might say the medication I took ruining my skin and as someone who usually only get acne before period, battling with (mostly cystic) chin acne was stressing, but I am lucky that after months of trial and error, I found a gentle approach that cure my acne and allows me to put aside the 2, 5 % Benzoyl Peroxide ointment that has caused a long debate among the researchers.