A Gentle Approach to Combat Acne

There is always a time in life when your skin raging, it happened to me for 4 months after being terribly sick. I might say the medication I took ruining my skin and as someone who usually only get acne before period, battling with (mostly cystic) chin acne was stressing, but I am lucky that after months of trial and error, I found a gentle approach that cure my acne and allows me to put aside the 2, 5 % Benzoyl Peroxide ointment that has caused a long debate among the researchers. 

First thing first, you might be bored with this, be mindful with your sugar, dairy and coffee intake. I was famous for being an avid black coffee drinker with tons of sugar (it`s exaggerating) and continuously taking dairy product on daily basis during my recovery, which ruining my skin to the finest. When I read some articles suggesting to cut them, I slowly lessened the intake. It was not an easy process but I noticed that the acne was not as aggressive as usual.

Second, be gentle in treating acne. Using Benzoyl Peroxide daily does not cure acne but drying my skin, so I switch it with Sudocream Antiseptic Healing Cream, a multi function cream to treat acne to wound ("How come?" my beloved boyfriend asked) that I found accidentally at a baby store. Truth be told, I don`t know how it works, but this cream helps curing my acne without drying my skin.

Third, use a clay mask. The best remedy I found is the Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask with Green Clay and Sweet Almond Oil ( a mouthful one), I don`t know why it is white instead of green but this stuff helps drying the acne and also cleans my pores.  I personally think any clay mask will help (I suggest you to google the best clay mask for your problem) but this is one is a steal!

Fourth, don` t skip hydration, ever, in my case,  oil is a life. I know not everybody is a fan of oil especially if you live in humid country, but I am always a huge fan of oil, from oil cleanser to my new and forever favorite The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil ( Spoiler : This is magic).  I 'm always a huge advocate of using oil but I don`t say you have to use oil, just don`'t skip moisturizer because you have acne problem. Find something in the market that will hydrate your skin but suits your acne prone skin ( Cetaphil, eh)

Fifth, Stop touching your face, like what Karen has said, this guilty pleasure also has caused me a lot of skin problem. I had a bad habit of picking the skin around my chin every time I was anxious and it might also answer why most acne showed up on my chin area.

I hope this lengthy post helps those who are struggling with acne! You might also want to check how my favorite Indonesian Youtuber combats acne and rash.