Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition in ` Personne Rouge` (update : Ole Flamingo)

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I smell money, because it`s already payday, and I smell Christmas is getting near 

a thing that we can`t live without in Christmas is red,red and glitter will be everywhere.Last year,I never thought I would be obsessed with a red lipstick because I mostly played with nudes and pinks,but when I started to work while finishing my study, I don`t have enough time to do my make up after sleepless night and  I often find myself reaching red lipstick for bringing life to my face.

finding your true shade of red isn`t easy,same case like finding perfect nude. I`m not a fan of a glossy red, It feels too festive for me and there`s a magic of matte red (classic lady) . That`s the reason why I love Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition 01 in Personne Rouge. It`s a classic matte red which I think will suit anyone, It`s matte without making your lips feel like Sahara desert.

The thing which I love about this matte,classic red shades is though it leans on pretty expensive side here (I live in Indonesia though, Mac lipstick is around U$ 24, If  I am not mistaken) the longevity, you just need to swipe it once carefully and it stays well ,though sometimes touch up needed.

The thing I dislike is the smell, It smells like paint,though after it applied, the scent is gone with the wind and Captain Butler

If you have sensitive lips like mine, I do recommend you to do not apply this when your lips are cracked, It won`t worsen your lips,just matte lipstick never looks good on cracked lips.( I am eyeing Mac Ruby Woo but some reviews said it`s drying like hell,sadly)

I do recommend this lipstick for Christmas present or if you want something special for yourself.

The Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition 01 in `Personne Rouge` is available in Bourjois counters and some Guardians or Watson, I guess. It was IDR 176.000  and now IDR 188.000 ) 

Psst, I`ll post the swatches ( and other shades reviews,Ole Flamingo and Nudist, I`m eyeing Grand Cru,Pink Pong and peach club,waiting for Happy Nude Year :PPPPPP) on my hand later, busy studying for exam, but here is the picture with this lippies

Ole Flamingo : Update

Before Halloween Party face

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