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I don`t need anyone to remind me that It`s finally 2015. I haven`t finished doing my baby (thesis) and I will hit 23 this year. The good things about being older are self acceptance,aging and practicing moderation, I don`t push myself to finish anything with sleepless nights, I realize the power of good sleep, healthy eating, water,SPF  and stretching. 
I was into make up before, when I was 20 until 21, I loved to experiment, finding the shades that work on my skin or healing a broken heart by buying lipsticks impulsively, but now I don`t. I haven`t found all of the best shades for me, but at least now I know I can apply red lipstick, a true bright red without the feeling of being a bitch and  I am now also more obsessed into skin care than before. 

Daily Face Moisturizer + SPF + Versatile Moisturizer

My skin care routine has started since I was a toddler, my mom used to put cream on my face after bath time, and I continue this routine until I hit 15,stopped  and then I started to take care of my skin again when I was 19, It was just applying cream, but I was too experimental, don`t blame me, supermarket`s creams for young adults in Indonesia are mostly  whitening series and I never into whitening products, I want something to really moisturize my face.
Left,bottom to top : Olay Total 7 effects, Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces, Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin therapy Oil, Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Milk.
Right, bottom to top, Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, Clean & Clear Essential Oil-control Toner, Clean& Clear Active Clear speed clearing acne gel

Then last year,I decided to use anti aging products because I`m gradually aging(those freckles,those fine liner under eyes,those those). I started to use Olay total 7 Fffect without SPF one ,so I can use it  at day and night time, but now,  I just apply Olay in the morning, I mix it with my CC cream or Foundation from Max Factor(new foundations on the way). The mixture gives sheerer coverage but I don`t mind because something to thick will make face too oily. The strangest things is, mixing my foundation with Olay helps the foundation to stay longer without primer ( I don`t use my TBS Insta -blur (Review soon) primer daily because it is drying)

Then I started to use SPF daily  because my best friend started to get wrinkle on her forehead  and she warned me.  Previously I used the SPF cream from L`oreal , but after spending my holiday in Bali last June, I switched my L`oreal SPF to Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces SPF 50 because It does protect my skin well, as I didn`t get burnt in Bali (though I got it in Lombok and my skin started to peel off, especially around my nose). I really invest on moisturizer and SPF because those are the basic, I don`t mind to pay more for moisturizer and SPF.

I don`t use eye cream though I feel I had to. I have really dry under eyes area completed with severe dark circles. Last year, I started to hunt for an eye cream but I can`t decide which one I should buy. So when I was in pharmacy, I planned to buy an eye cream from Palmer, because the ingredients are simple and basic, but I decided to purchase  Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil in Rosehip Fragrance (Fragrance, not Rosehip Oil) because I thought it will be versatile. I don`t regret though, it moisturizes my dry under eye well. Now after I`m working,  I have decided that I need to buy the Palmer`s eye cream which suddenly out of stock for several months. 

Talking about Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil in Rosehip Fragrance, I now use it every night on my face and neck,again, because this is Palmer, the ingredients are simple and basic, no paraben  but still dimethicone in this oil and  it gives me a silky smooth skin in the morning and I declare it as my holy grail moisturizer ( Well, I hope one day Palmer`s will release the non-dimethicone one). In the day off, I apply this oil as my day moisturizer because while I am working, I put make up from Monday to sometimes, Saturday and It starts to dry my skin.
(update : I applied Palmer`s on my scars  (mosquito bites and acnes) it helps healing them quickly)

Another moisturizer  I use is from Hada Labo, the ultimate moisturizing milk, its my fourth bottle. I have tried all their lotions and milks but now I feel that I do not really need it. I don`t experience any purging though the whitening one which I used for helping my dark circles but will cause break out before my period. It really does a good job in maintaining skin moisture, but personally I don`t need this again, so I will say bye to this soon. 

Holiday Moisturizer

When I was in Bali, the only moisturizer I used was the Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel, It helped healing sunburn and it gave a beautiful glow to my skin, but now, I save this for my next vacation. 

Acne Treatment

I get acnes sometimes,especially near my period, If it was the small one, applying the Clean and Clear toner religiously does help, but when I get the big one once in a blue moon, the toner is not really effective in combating that stuff.  I keep the gel one on my pouch, because I`m lazy to bring the toner to office.

Body Moisturizer
From left to right :Dove essential nourishment body lotion,TBS Almond hand cream, Dove fresh nourishment and indulgent nourishment body lotion

I`m obsessed with Dove products, from the liquid soap to conditioner. Sadly the Asia- Pacific version of the liquid soap is not really moisturizing as the first time Dove hit our market , maybe because we live in humid weather and It felt like it left residue on the top of our skin so maybe they lessen the moisturizer. But now, as I start to get older, I prefer the thicker version because sometimes I am too lazy to put lotion on. 

From all of three Dove lotions,my favorite is the blue one, the essential nourishment , because my body skin is pretty dry and It does wonderful job in moisturizing. Now, I use the Indulgent nourishment, (the blue one is my Mom`s because the blue one was out of stock for a while so I picked the choco one, and thanks God the blue one has been back to the market,) though it does its job pretty well, It smells like biscuit and I don`t really like it. The small one is the fresh nourishment and It is in sample size, I got it as a bonus for buying the Dove spray deodorant.
(Update : I will replace it with the big bottle of Palmer`s oil ) 

The last thing is The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream, I bought as a Mother`s day present for my Mom. It does pretty good in moisturizing hands, but my mom is not someone who loves to take care of herself, so sometimes I have to apply it on her hands to make sure she really uses it. Oh well. 

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