Bioderma Sensibio H20 Review

4:31 PM

Today I am doing a review about one of most used make up remover in the World .

Bioderma is not a new thing in beauty industry, this French make up remover is widely known as a staple product of backstages or celebrities + famous beauty bloggers` drawers, thus,it`s not a wonder why Indonesian beauty addicts were really happy when the famous bottle with the pink cap finally arrived here.

At first, I was not  enthusiastic with Bioderma, it was a small bottle with expensive price for just a bottle of make up remover. I kept using baby oil to remove my make up around eyes area. But lately, I hate the feeling of the oil residue left on my eyes, so I washed my eyes are with facial soap and my eyelids skin started to be peeled off.

Due to this problem, I started hunting for different alternatives for replacing my beloved baby oil but it seems all remover contain alcohol. With a heavy heart and wallet, I didn`t procrastinate longer and bought Bioderma.

Let`s make everything straight because Google`s been flooded with Bioderma review. Most reviewers said it`s pretty expensive in Indonesia, yes, it is.  It was around 229.000  for 250 ml in Indonesia ( I don`t remember the exact price , but it might be cheaper to buy online Bioderma at Luxola) for a bottle of remover without colorant and fragrance, but the quality can not lie. It does not dry out my skin and cause any allergic reaction on my sensitive eyes.

In cleasing ability, I haven`t tried cleaning waterproof mascara with Bioderma, but it does wonder in putting off my Max Factor Clumpy Devy mascara. If you want to make sure that it really takes off your make up, then cleanse thoroughly and carefully, because an instant remover also needs time to do its job.

Some review mention that it stings some reviewers` eyes. To be honest, I experience that too, but it will be gone after a few minutes and nothing has happened with my sensitive eyes after its stinging sensation.

For those who blessed with sensitive skin like me, my dermatologist said last monday that every make up remover has probability to irritate your skin due to its cleansing agent, just some cleanser has higher, and some has lower irritant level. My skin turns a bit pink while he cleansed my skin with Bioderma, but it just lasts for a few minutes.

I can`t strongly suggest everyone to be a loyal Bioderma user, because again, it depends on what you really need,budget and your skin type, but if you need a new cleanser which is not drying or irritating, you can choose Bioderma as one of the option by buying the smallest bottle, and decide whether you are going to be the loyal ones or keep hunting for the best of the best for you. :)

Happy February


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  1. I do have sensitive skin as well and even applying moisturizer leaves it a little pink but in like 10 min is gone !:)

    btw I have a fashion blog as well :)
    Rafaella Nicoletti

    1. Sorry for late response, just checked my blog :)

      I am now trying a moisturiser from Moogoo,maybe you can try and check aboout Moogoo full cream moisturiser, hopefully it will help :)

      Thanks for the comment, I`ve checked your blog and it`s awesome.