Inside my make up bag May 2015

I have lots of beauty products and no pouch ( bought a pouch which was torn two days after)

As I`m now still hunting for inexpensive,durable and medium size of beauty pouch besides my holy grail make up products, let me share with you what within my office day make up bag.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Black

This mascara has been a rave everywhere, So I decided to give it try and forget Max Factor`s (their sister brand) Mascara for awhile.  Actually I ordered the very black but sadly it was out of stock. It performs well, gives subtle volume and nice length for my eyelashes, But so far, it`s not that special, though I still praise the clumpy free and no raccoon effect after applying. For Indonesian,you can order this mascara from TWL Cosmetics - Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume

I might be trying L`oreal telescopic or the butterfly version, or Maybelline Great Lash before back to Max Factor`s

Clean and Clear Acne Speed Clearing Gel

I usually get hormonal acne once a month , but I bring this stuff everywhere.

Max Factor Miracle Cream Blush in Soft Candy (07)

Should I tell you that I am one of the Max Factor loyal customer? I bought this is last year and after checking the shade name, I just realized that I will be expired next year. I should really check the expired date before buying and you too.
The color is reddish coral which gives me a hint of color because I can be sooo pale though I`m not that fair. It gives subtle and natural flush to my nearly dead pale skin.
I only have two blushes, this one and The Balm Instain in Houndstooth and planning to order SwissDot ( how about MAC and MUFE,Clinique or any recommendation)

L`oreal Color Riche Moist Matte in Maple Mocha

This is a new addition of my lippie collection, I can`t exactly describe the color but it`s a peachy brown color which is office appropriate.It doesn`t dry my lips though it`s matte, but I always apply lipbalm beforehand.

NYX lip pencil in Soft Brown

I`m planning to buy MAC lip pencil in whirl or soar ( Kylie Jenner and Negin Mirsalehi`s effect) but before, I am thinking it`s wiser to finish this first before visiting MAC counter. Sometimes,in the day when I do my eyes, I wear lipbalm and this pencil.

Bourjois rouge velvet edition in Personne Rouge!

Enough about this, a classic red, matte,liquid lipstick which is sold out everywhere. I am not longer carrying this lippe everywhere because nobody`s going to ask me for a dinner date after working unless I`d tie a knot with my SO next month.

MooGoo CowLick Lipbalm

What can I say about this cute and edible lipbalm? it`s chemical free and been helping my super sensitive lips from cracking cracking everywhere. Snippet : I am thinking about ordering Chanel rouge allure or Estee Lauder,or Clinique,or Dior.

Koji DollyWink Liquid eyeliner (III) in Black

This is my second purchase of this liquid eyeliner, I am pretty good in applying eyeliner now and I can`t live without liquid eyeliner. I passed the gel liner because it can smear everywhere and admit it, this is simple,  a pen sized liner with superb lasting power unless I don`t rub my eyes.It`s pretty expensive but it lasts more than a year ( Snippet : I don`t draw anything dramatic). I wish it`s not too watery, but it`s not a big problem.

Max Factor Color Elixir lipstick in Bewitching Coral (827)

an office appropriate pinkish coral lipstick which made me waiting for nearly 3 months (talking about determination). It shouldn`t be drying but it dries my lips. I don`t blame this lipstick though, my lips are sensitive. I just dab this lipstick to give a hint of color on my lips.

Sweat and Oil Clear Film STF(?)

This is a Japanese brand ,which the price skyrockets to heaven. It does good in absorbing oil and sweat,but I don`t think I am going to purchase this again due to the price,and now my skin starts to be as dry as Sahara Desert.

Pharaoh Compact Mirror

I was thinking about buying compact mirror when I remembered my Mom bought this in Egypt.Well, I am not a fan of Pharaoh, but I do like the mirror. It`s big and useful for exam ( in case you want to cheat, LOL)


Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser (Update)

I`m back with lots of products to be reviewed and limited time to do so :)

I`ve been in a hunt for a basic and eco-friendly moisturiser for years. Living in Indonesia means the limited offer of the Eco-friendly and animal friendly beauty products. Glad that my friend, a beauty enthusiast introduced me with MooGoo, a skincare brand from Australia which spreads its branches here in some of the selected drugstore and premium supermarket here.

Again, I don`t expect for a wonderful result after using this cream for a day. It`s only a moisturizer which is produced without animal testing and edible ingredients ( with a cute and simple packaging)
I`m pretty satisfied with this moisturizer. I don`t expect it to help my serious dryness, but it does help healing process of some scars and safe. I accidentally licked the cream and I can tell you besides the creamy,milky scent and foamy texture, it tastes a bit like butter or milk foam, which is not chemical at all.

If you are the one who doesn`t have allergic reaction towards milk, animal lovers and tired with supermarket creams with lots of chemical. Give this a try :) 

UPDATE : All my thumbs up for MooGoo. My dog experienced rash and kept scratching until his skin turned red, We have stopped food with salt but he sometimes found bones during dog walking. Two days ago I applied MooGoo Full cream on him as I remembered MooGoo was developed for cow udder. In a day, the red turned into pinkish white color and he didn`t scratch his skin often like before and he kept sniffing the cream on my hand because he thought it was milk. 

For Indonesians you can buy MooGoo from : 
Selected Guardian and supermarket

Check some testimonials and reviews (and price) from:

Check the range of MooGoo Products,order and read the history behind the brand from :

P.S. The lip balm also superb for sensitive lips like mine