Put on some glows, Real Technique Setting Brush and The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

I didn`t have any idea about the importance of highlighter until  I`ve read in some articles that French women are really minimal to make up, they disbelieve the power of contouring, instead,they prefer highlighter to accentuate the best part of their face. In the other hand, Korean women also use highlighter to give glow to their face,dead matte is absolutely not for them.

as I was really blind about highlighters, some posts recommend Mary Lou as the best powder highlighter, as cream highlighters might be pretty hard to be applied on skin. After long consideration, I decided to order Mary Lou online, as the counter price is nearly $50 here. Sadly, it`s broken a bit :( 

though it`s broken, I am still satisfied with this product, as I can use it as highlighter or eye shadow and it really wakes my sleepy + tired face. 

And the brush, I heard that Real Technique Setting brush is the best for applying highlighter and powder. This is my first purchase and I know why it`s worth the rave. I myself enjoy this product so much,and thinking about adopting their foundation brushes one day. 

I`m pretty sad that everything is expensive here, and also incomplete.

Check some recommendation from one of my favorite blogger here Negin-Mirsalehi,Highlight Strategically



NYX Eyebrow cake powder in Black/Gray

I`ve been fascinated with the bold eyebrow trend for a long time. I agree with what Anastasia Soare, the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills said about the power of eyebrows ( Anastasia Soare Interview ),but didn`t have any courage to do anything with my brows.

I have brows, as you might be seen from my previous post,what I need to do is filling some gaps  and make rounded arches. I once tried using my mom automatic eyebrow pencil which turned to be too strong and not for me but yes for Kim Kardashian (Do you know she`s going to launch make up tutorial website ? Kim Kardashian is going to post beauty tutorial)

I was eyeing the BCL browlash ex eyebrow pencil liquid which suddenly out of stock :(  so I decided to give NYX a try. I was interested with its automatic pencil because it`s more convenient to bring , but the shopping assistant was insisting me to give the eyebrow cake powder a try and glad that I listened to her.

Inside the box you get wax, two shades of eyebrow powders , an angled brow brush that I am not a fan of and a little spoolie brush which is pretty good.

I noticed at the counter that this kit is easy to be dirty, as the shopping assistant apply the powders first then wax,which pretty turning me off.  So I apply the wax first, the gray shade for filling gaps, the mixture of gray and black on my eyebrow arches and I finish it with applying Mavala clear mascara. 

The result is super natural and long-lasting . No regret for adopting this lil baby home, but If I run out, I will try the BCL or ABH dipbrow pomade(the expert) and decide whether I will be loyal to or say farewell to this baby. 

If you are new to eyebrow arena, give this is gem a try. 

If you are not satisfied with NYX eyebrow cake powder, try to check the BCL browlash ex eyebrow pencil liquid (still checking the availability of this products outside Asia, but I found this from BCL gel pencil and powder eyebrow



Max Factor Did it Again, Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze(25) and Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuchsia(55)

Let`s talk about my newest beauty haul( lots have been reviewed)

top : Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuschia
bottom: Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow Bronze 

I have stalked these two products for couple of months before buying them. The lip gloss and the cream eye shadow.I`m always a fan of Max Factor Lip gloss as I always used its vibrant curve lip gloss to heal my over cracking lips but its eye shadow was never a steal for me. After watching and reading new in at the drugstore from Vivianna Does Make Up, I decided to give the Excess Shimmer a try.

The first purchase is the Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuchsia (55)  a vibrant, warm toned fuchsia which gives my pale face instant lift in seconds.I usually apply on the centre of my lips and tap it all over my lips because it can be too strong for days when I am wearing foundation and eye make up.  This lip gloss is glitter free though in the tube it seems so glittery.Lasting power is good, leaves tint after eating and without cough syrup smell.
I am still thinking about buying the nude or enchanting coral or their berry and pink spectrum in case I will focus on my eye make up (wink wink)

With Color Elixir in Dazzling Fuchsia after eating and drinking 

The second purchase is the Excess Shimmer in Bronze (25). I personally think that they should name Bronze as cooper. Texture -wise, It`s weird, it isn`t dry as Maybelline color tattoo. It takes several minutes to set and easier to be blended compared with Maybelline. I haven`t tried any cream eye shadow besides Color Tattoo, so I can`t give any further comparison ,but I really like this eye shadow. Hopefully they will cater more range of color.

wearing the excess shimmer, the color is not really showing up on my lids due to severe dark circle

I am eyeing MUFE Aqua cream eyeshadow in pink or peach spectrum now, but I am thinking about purchasing Naked 3 or Lorac Unzipped,or original Naked :PPPPP ( breaking piggy bank)



The Foundation rotation - Max Factor CC Cream in Medium (60) and L`oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation in R2(Apricot Ivory) and the applicators.

I am now a foundation enthusiast :)

Since starting new position which is an hybrid of teacher plus academic relation, looking fresh with even skin tone becomes a must, though nobody tells me to do so. Well, let`s say that I am just making a reason for buying make up.

Though a fan, my rule in picking foundation is not changing by years, it should give light-medium coverage and not leaving mark on my phone and collar.  If it can be long lasting, that`s a plus point, as I haven`t tried any non-drugstore foundation.

Two foundation that I use in rotation are Max Factor CC cream in Medium and L`oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation in R2 (Apricot Ivory). I think I picked the wrong shade for the latter due to department store lighting, it looks good in my skin but I think I should pick warmer or neutral undertone.

Max Factor CC Cream in Medium (60)  gives a light to medium coverage and never causes breakout,but not really long lasting because of Jakarta humidity. I usually apply this with Masami Shouko Travel Flat or round kabuki Foundation Brush or sometimes mix the pea sized of the cc cream and olay 7 total effect anti aging cream to give lighter coverage. Surprisingly,the mixture of the cc cream and Olay gives longer coverage to my skin.

L`oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation in R2 (Apricot Ivory) is the new adopted foundation :P
I understand why most bloggers rave this foundation as the oil control is good but  it doesn` t dry out my dry combination skin. It gives natural and medium coverage, which is pretty long lasting for drugstore foundation but I have to really clean it properly at night to avoid breakout and milia .
I found out that this foundation gives the best result when applied using Duo Fibre Foundation Brush (Mine is Masami Shouko)
(Before buying this foundation, I was trying the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation which sadly emphasized my pores and the price can`t be categorized as drugstore,but I`m going to test it again one day to really make sure).

Now, as I nearly run out of my cc cream, I start to think about trying bb cushion or powder foundation or something for high-end brands or Korean brands which hopefully can hide my severe dark circles (face blur face blur) and collecting Real Technique Foundation Brush (somebody`s going to pinch my bottom)



Brain Fart moment,can`t remember which foundation I used :P