Max Factor Did it Again, Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze(25) and Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuchsia(55)

1:33 PM

Let`s talk about my newest beauty haul( lots have been reviewed)

top : Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuschia
bottom: Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow Bronze 

I have stalked these two products for couple of months before buying them. The lip gloss and the cream eye shadow.I`m always a fan of Max Factor Lip gloss as I always used its vibrant curve lip gloss to heal my over cracking lips but its eye shadow was never a steal for me. After watching and reading new in at the drugstore from Vivianna Does Make Up, I decided to give the Excess Shimmer a try.

The first purchase is the Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Dazzling Fuchsia (55)  a vibrant, warm toned fuchsia which gives my pale face instant lift in seconds.I usually apply on the centre of my lips and tap it all over my lips because it can be too strong for days when I am wearing foundation and eye make up.  This lip gloss is glitter free though in the tube it seems so glittery.Lasting power is good, leaves tint after eating and without cough syrup smell.
I am still thinking about buying the nude or enchanting coral or their berry and pink spectrum in case I will focus on my eye make up (wink wink)

With Color Elixir in Dazzling Fuchsia after eating and drinking 

The second purchase is the Excess Shimmer in Bronze (25). I personally think that they should name Bronze as cooper. Texture -wise, It`s weird, it isn`t dry as Maybelline color tattoo. It takes several minutes to set and easier to be blended compared with Maybelline. I haven`t tried any cream eye shadow besides Color Tattoo, so I can`t give any further comparison ,but I really like this eye shadow. Hopefully they will cater more range of color.

wearing the excess shimmer, the color is not really showing up on my lids due to severe dark circle

I am eyeing MUFE Aqua cream eyeshadow in pink or peach spectrum now, but I am thinking about purchasing Naked 3 or Lorac Unzipped,or original Naked :PPPPP ( breaking piggy bank)



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