Put on some glows, Real Technique Setting Brush and The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

8:08 PM

I didn`t have any idea about the importance of highlighter until  I`ve read in some articles that French women are really minimal to make up, they disbelieve the power of contouring, instead,they prefer highlighter to accentuate the best part of their face. In the other hand, Korean women also use highlighter to give glow to their face,dead matte is absolutely not for them.

as I was really blind about highlighters, some posts recommend Mary Lou as the best powder highlighter, as cream highlighters might be pretty hard to be applied on skin. After long consideration, I decided to order Mary Lou online, as the counter price is nearly $50 here. Sadly, it`s broken a bit :( 

though it`s broken, I am still satisfied with this product, as I can use it as highlighter or eye shadow and it really wakes my sleepy + tired face. 

And the brush, I heard that Real Technique Setting brush is the best for applying highlighter and powder. This is my first purchase and I know why it`s worth the rave. I myself enjoy this product so much,and thinking about adopting their foundation brushes one day. 

I`m pretty sad that everything is expensive here, and also incomplete.

Check some recommendation from one of my favorite blogger here Negin-Mirsalehi,Highlight Strategically



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