New mascara alert, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde and L`oreal Curl Impact Collagene Extreme Resist

I don`t have thick lashes though it`s pretty long, that` s why I am looking for voluminous mascara. My favorite mascara so far is Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume which gives me volume yet still look really natural for office days. 

This month I`m trying two new mascara, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde which I bought for my mom and L`oreal Curl Impact Collagene Extreme Resist which I got as a birthday gift from my lovely workmate.

Both of them are waterproof and volume mascara, but L`oreal also claims this as curl fixing mascara.

Talking about packaging, I prefer the L`oreal one because it`s not bulky and slim. But I guess Bourjois produces bulky tube to represent voluminous mascara. 

Let`s talk about the wands.I prefer Bourjois wand because it`s bigger, which gives more volume, and firmer. While the L`oreal one is thinner and flimsy. 

I haven`t tested the longevity of both of them, but my mom reported that the Bourjois stayed put on her lashes during hectic day of her nephew wedding from morning to night. While My workmate who uses and gives the L`oreal one never experiences smudging exception she uses eye drops. 

Honestly, I like both of them, Bourjois gives more dramatic effect while L`oreal one gives more natural,subtle look on me. On my workmate who gives me the L`oreal one, it makes her lashes looks dramatic which reminds me of mascara ads and she is blessed with naturally thick and long lashes. 

You can`t go wrong with both of them, whether you have thick or thin lashes. If you want something dramatic, you can pick Bourjois, if you want more subtle effect, you can go with L`oreal one. Or the best, you can combine both of them. 



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August Favorite Lipsticks

I`ve mentioned in the last post about my almost similar lipstick collection that I need to buy shades which are not fall between peach and coral, but one of my newest lipsticks addition can be categorized as peach while my mom`s is coral .  But don`t worry, I finally purchased lipstick which is not peach and coral but mauvey pink.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours Lipstick in Peche Cocooning (33) and Cerise Sur Le Lipstick(29)

I can roughly said that Peche Cocooning leans to peach shade while Cerise Sur Le is fresh medium orange color. Sarah from Glossicious  described Peche Cocooning as fresh peach color but somehow it leans more to pinkish terittory than peach on me. I think Peche Cocooning is a lipstick for every skin tone while Cerise Sur Le suits porcelain-fair skin tone better.
These are semi matte lipsticks which not as drying as the Rouge Edition Velvet. The staying power is good though it`s not 12 hours as what the company claims. Exfoliating before using is recommended as it can accentuate dry and chapped lips especially if you have sensitive lips like mine.
Again the problem with Bourjois besides limited shades is the smell, though it`s not overpowering and will be gone after application.
Overall, I recommend you to give this lipstick a try if you need new office day lipstick. Just if you live in Indonesia, the counters doesn`t provide you with tester yet so you have to google the shades carefully.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere

This is my new holy grail lipstick ( Thanks Kathleen for this color). It`s a vegan lipstick which smells like chocolate, the pigmentation is amazing but the staying power is not really good. It`s a matte mauvey pink lipstick which suits me really well and I am waiting for my payday to add more addition to my Lippie Stix collection.

Because of the yellow lighting, I don`t think the swatch of Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours Lipstick above is accurate, so take a look at the picture below.

* I am still trying to solve the photo problems because of  the new blog  template



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New Template, New Posts soon

Random things in August

1.I`ve been adding too much new products on my basket lately and most of them work really well. I have limited time to finish series of posts though I`ve finished editing some pictures that going to be uploaded.

2. I`ve done changing the old boring template with the new one and I`m happy to tell you that the newest posts won`t have all crappy edited pictures as I finally got new phone after four years. Time flies so fast and I enjoy editing pictures using my new one.

3. I`m officially 23 last Monday and there will be post about " Things I learn by 23" ( Pampering means working hard to pay the bill)

4. I`d like to have my own website as what I have mentioned in building my website, but it`s not as handy as blogger, so I switch back here and waiting for the right time for it. As I learn that Em Ford from mypaleskin still using blogger, then why I should build something complicated.

5. Learning to edit video and movie, I am planning to make vlog about beauty or some things this year.

6. Sending my application as associate beauty editor but don`t get it, but I see that as an opportunity to build my blog. let`s do dirty work and gain money for this.

7. Still in a very strong relation after couple of years.

8. Lana is going to release new album ( addicted to High by the beach ) and Bareilles too, completely blown away.

9. New favorite group which project my saturn ruler

10. I can sleep now, found the song of youtube mix

11. and this

Blogging is also about trial and error, and here welcome the next phase of trial and error.



SKIN79 Hot Pink BB cream Review

If you see my last post about my almost similar lipsticks collection, you might find some products I use and there was a sample of Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream and in those photos, I was using SKIN79 BB cream

I got this sample a year ago as a bonus when I ordered Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner from My Lovely Sister and I just tried this sample last two weeks. I don`t know why I was waiting too long to try this products because I really love this BB Cream.

I have read some reviews which reported that this BB cream is famous for the oil control property and I can confirm that it is true. Even in hot and humid weather, it stays put very well on my skin.The bonus point is, it doesn`t dry  and break out my skin.

Coverage wise, this BB cream offers light-medium coverage, so it`s more suitable for those who love medium coverage for daily use. If you need more coverage, this BB cream is not for you.

The only problem with this BB cream is the shade selection, it only has one shade and it leans on grayish tone which might be not suitable for all skin tones.

With Skin79 hot pink bb cream

as you see from the photo above, it`s a bit lighter for my skin tone and it gives medium coverage, as you can still notice my dark circle.

If you a lazy girl who wants to skip multiple steps of sunblock and foundation and you need good oil control with medium coverage, you can give this a try. If you are on a tight budget, you can order it online instead of buying it at the counter.


Some of My Lipsticks which mostly similar

from left to right :Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nudist (07), Max Factor Color Elixir Lipstick in Pink Brandy, L`oreal Color Riche in Fairy Touch* no swatches, Revlon Lip butter in Berry Smoothie, L`oreal Moist Matte in Maple Mocha, NYX Black Label Lipstick in Brick

I love eye shadows, I love brushes, I love foundation and I love mascara, but the thing I can`t stop buying and exploring must be lipsticks.

I don`t often buy lipsticks again now, cause my lips are pretty sensitive and I work as a teacher. I can`t walk to class with bright fuschia lips . I have planned to visit MAC counter or Sephora, buying lip pencils or lipstick, Brave, Spice, Diva, Heroine, what else? Soar and  Whiz, anything peach, pink and mauve, if the MAC Indonesia has them or order Lipstick Queen, Fresh lip balm, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Kanebo, Guerlain, YSL ,Colourpop ,what else? TopShop Rio Rio, I want to try anything new :P

My previous lipsticks shades fall between brick and coral, some pale pink and nudes which washed me out. Now I have dark plummy raspberry lip gloss which turns to be a sort of pink on my lips, fuschia gloss, orange, red and some MLBB lipstic, As information all of my lipsticks is from drugstore brand. I was pretty loyal to Max Factor and then I switched to L`oreal and most of my new lipsticks are from L`oreal or Bourjois because both of them produce excellent matte lipsticks.

Let`s make long story short buy showing you some of my lipsticks which mostly are similar ( I should step out from my comfort zone)

I forget to swatch the L`oreal Fairy Touch though it is my office day lipstick. All colors might be not really show up because I just tap and smear them. My personal favorites are Nudist, and Pink Brandy, but I never apply them more than two swipes because Nudist will be too red for me while Pink Brandy can be too orange on my lips. I wish I can favor Berry Smoothie the most but it is glittery. Most of my lipsticks dry out my lips  especially Max Factor ones cause I have sensitive lips.

Proof that I wore Lipstick

Another Lipstick which not included in the first picture is the Max Factor Color Elixir in Bewitching Coral, a  pinkish coral color which screams summer. 

So that`s all of them. I know I need to buy other shades and brands next time. 

* on my face
Skin 79 BB Cream
Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush on in soft candy
NYX cake powder in black/grey


The Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil Review

I read somewhere that after 25, we need to replace our beloved facial foam with oil cleanser, cause foam has tendency to dry skin.
I`ve been hunting for any oil based cleansers for a long time, especially for face and hair. Cleansing oil for face was a big thing last year, therefore, it`s easier to find it here, but I haven`t  found any  cleansing oil for hair with bargain price

The problem with cleansing oil is not many beauty brands cater this type of cleanser here. If so, most contain mineral oil which leaving greasy sensation after. After a long time of searching, I am happy to find The Body Shop Indonesia has oil cleanser without mineral oil, and it`s not as expensive as MooGoo cleansing oil.

If MooGoo cleansing oil provides different oil for different skin types, The Body Shop one is suitable for all skin types. If you`re not familiar with cleansing oil, The Body Shop also has the butter which and milk version of this Camomile cleanser. 

To cleanse your skin, you only need a pea sized of this oil, message onto your skin, lather it and rinse. It cleans my skin without drying, no oil residue left and stinging sensation.

This is the very first product of The Body Shop that I enjoy the most and I believe I will keep repurchasing this.