The Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil Review

1:07 PM

I read somewhere that after 25, we need to replace our beloved facial foam with oil cleanser, cause foam has tendency to dry skin.
I`ve been hunting for any oil based cleansers for a long time, especially for face and hair. Cleansing oil for face was a big thing last year, therefore, it`s easier to find it here, but I haven`t  found any  cleansing oil for hair with bargain price

The problem with cleansing oil is not many beauty brands cater this type of cleanser here. If so, most contain mineral oil which leaving greasy sensation after. After a long time of searching, I am happy to find The Body Shop Indonesia has oil cleanser without mineral oil, and it`s not as expensive as MooGoo cleansing oil.

If MooGoo cleansing oil provides different oil for different skin types, The Body Shop one is suitable for all skin types. If you`re not familiar with cleansing oil, The Body Shop also has the butter which and milk version of this Camomile cleanser. 

To cleanse your skin, you only need a pea sized of this oil, message onto your skin, lather it and rinse. It cleans my skin without drying, no oil residue left and stinging sensation.

This is the very first product of The Body Shop that I enjoy the most and I believe I will keep repurchasing this.


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