Colourpop Madness

11:01 AM

I`m back with unsolved DNS problem which can`t stop me to write.

I don`t need any introduction to tell you all why I love Colourpop. It`s an inexpensive,vegan,bold and indie brand with very good quality products which takes all girls` heart if we have any though picking the colors can be problematic.

With make up

No make up just Lippie Stix

Just Lippie Stix

Overall, I have four Colourpop Lippie Stix, Lumiere, Brink, I heart This and Heart On. Lumiere is a mauve pink color which can be too dark for darker skin tone gal. Brink is a dusty taupe with a hint of peach on me, I Heart This is a pink-red based fuschia while Heart On is on the purplish side which is a great new addition for my collection.

All of them are matte but not dead matte type, it`s more to natural, healthy matte which I absolutely love to wear. As my lips are sensitive they dry my lips but it`s still acceptable, they don`t accentuate my dry lips and comfortable.

Staying power is good,unless you eat something oily.

I have to say Colourpop hands down the best drugstore lip products and I think I`m going to order Frida, and any nude shades,Bichette, Bossy or Blood next months.

There`s a lot of online shop caters this lippie stix but I get mine from Colourpop on TWL



One of My favorite favorite song

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