Wet and Wild Color Icon Trio Palette in Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment

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In terms of eyeshadow, I`m not explorative. I thought only the high end brands that can produce good quality eyeshadow and we don`t need bunch of eyeshadow IRL, a neutral palette is what I need.

I have Lorac Pro Palette but I don`t think I need 16 shades for quick, 15 minutes make up. I was reading some reviews when I found the Wet and Wild Color Icon Trio eyeshadow.

What can I say about these eyeshadow trios is they are simple, cheap and so travel friendly. The pigmentation and lasting power are good for drugstore brand and there is minimal fall out as these two are shimmery. However as my eyelids are dry, I can`t guarantee the lasting power on oily eyelids will be good without primer.

Personally, I think the best tools for applying these eyeshadows is using finger because you can control the application , but using a fluffy blending brush is also okay to add  wash of color on your eyelids.

Silent Treatment, top row -one swipe, bottom- two swipes, Walking on Eggshells, Top Row - two swipes, bottom- one swipe

Silent treatment in my opinion is more appropriate for night look, while Walking on Eggshells is more to office day,subtle look. FYI, the Swatches above is following the color order of the trio.

I use Walking on Eggshells for daily basis, Usually just using the crease shade on my eyelids and the browbone shade as highlighter. I rarely use Silent Treatment though I like the eyelid shade, it`s amazing trio, but the shades aren't something I can use on daily basis.

I think these trio are more appropriate for beginner or those who like subtle make up and Japanese Dolly make up as the pigmentation is good, but not crazily opaque. Basically you can do no wrong with these two, if you more into natural, subtle look, go for Walking on Eggshells, If you like smokey eyes look, go for Silent Treatment.

Overall, These palette make me conclude that it's not about high end or drugstore, if it's good then it's good. I am still considering to buy Lorac Unzipped as it will be a great new addition to my neutral shadows but I am not ignoring the possibility of buying  ELF and Maybeline palette in the future.

Nothing but supports and wishes :)


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