Brief Breakdown of Lorac Pro and Lorac Unzipped Palette

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Picking eyeshadow palette can be frustrating, too many choices, too many good reviews, too many beautiful palettes and some of us have limited budget.

Lorac Pro Swatches 

Lorac Unzipped Swatches 

I have planned to write a review of my LORAC PRO palette before I ordered my LORAC UNZIPPED Palette, but soon after my UNZIPPED was arrived, I know it`s better to write a brief breakdown of them.

My overall comment about these palettes is they are really good quality palettes. Their shadows are mostly pigmented, soft and buttery, especially the metallic shades. Both of them can be used for achieving neutral, daily basic look and smokey eyes and both of them are sold with sample sized of the Lorac Behind The Scene Eye Primer which I don`t really use because Lorac eyeshadow stays put beautifully without primer on my lids.

Let`s talk about the Lorac Pro first. It`s a really versatile palette consists of 16 eyeshadows, eight matte and eight shimmery shades. The lighter matte shades might need to be built up on medium - dark skin tone but the darker matte shades and the shimmery and metallic shades have amazing pigmentation especially Gold, Garnet and Slate.

In the other hand, Lorac Unzipped palette consists of ten full-sized eyeshadows, with four matte shades and six shimmery and metallic shades, the overall tone of this palette is rose and bronze with a red burgundy brown shade(Unbridled). All shades are supremely pigmented and soft with minimal fall-out.

If you watch Kathleen Lights talks about this palette on her My Make Up Stash - Palette video, she mentions that she isn`t happy with the two shimmery shades in the second row which are Undiscovered and Unreal because of lack pigmentation and grittiness, I find that the shades actually buttery and pigmented, they might be not really showed up because they are lighter shades.

Now, which one do I prefer? I can`t deny that Lorac Pro Palette is versatile, but if you don`t wear any darker eyeshadow IRL,  you don`t really need it. To be honest,  I don`t really use the purple, slate, espresso and black shades,  but I can say that it  will be a great palette for those who like smokey eyes besides neutral eye make up or those who work as make up artists.

Another thing I should mention is , one of makeupalley reviewer mentions that Lorac Unzipped shows up better on her olive skin and darker eyelids due to dark circle and I do agree. The Lorac Unzipped is more pigmented for olive and medium-dark skin tone girl than the Pro one.

I should say that the Lorac Unzipped is the winner for me. Don`t get me wrong, I love my Lorac Pro palette, but I find myself enjoying Unzipped than the Pro one.

Hope this help, kisses and hugs.

I got my Lorac pro @loveformakeup_id and My Lorac Unzipped from

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P.S Should I start to make a tutorial post?

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