What`s inside : The Body Shop Royal Anniversary Basket Sale

11:01 AM

In the second week of October, The Body Shop Indonesia had sale for some selected products. As I had to buy gift for my friend, I spent time to find gift for her and checked some items which were on sale. I picked the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Shade Deep Matte (04) which is the darkest one and the Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Shade Bronze Bliss (210).

Let`s talk about  the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Shade Deep Matte (04) which is my first matte bronzer. I picked the darkest shade because the other two are too light and number 3 is not really different with my skin tone so it will be like a compact powder for me. To be honest the range of shades is too limited and those who have darker skin than mine would not be pleased by the color selection. It will be really brilliant if The Body Shop releases wider range of shades and undertone.

I don`t have any complaint about this bronzer, it`s fine milled, smells like powder milk, great for subtle contouring and  give warmth on my face, but it has a bit of orange undertone in it so those who don`t favor bronzer with orange undertone can cross this out from their wishlist. But overall, I`m pleased with this bronzer and I think it`s a great bronzer though it`s a bit pricey ( As Maybeline Indonesia hasn`t catered any sculpting bronzer) and I love the packaging.

The color is a bit darker IRL
Really subtle contouring using TBS Honey Bronzing Powder in Deep Matte

The Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Bronze Bliss (210) is a bronze color with a hint of gold and orange undertone, and I personally think it`s like the metallic version of the bronzer. It smells nice like a flower that I can`t identify.The color pay off is amazing and it`s nice for travelling , but it doesn`t beat my Lorac Pro eyeshadow in terms of longevity. Some reviewers complain about the plastic packaging because it looks cheap but I personally doesn`t have any problem with it. ( I haven`t taken any picture while using this eyeshadow)

Actual color is darker IRL

One swipe for each

In brief, I love these two new babies, they are great, they don`t cause any break out and they were on sale (the best part)

To be honest. after my recent visit to the Body Shop, I put the Shimmer Waves and Baked to Last Bronzer into my wishlist, but not now, maybe next year, or maybe when I really need it.

(N.B. My actually skin is not that soft, I can`t turn off the front camera filter)
(N.B. Go follow @thehanihanii on Instagram as she gives the coolest eyeshadow swatches ever)

Nothing but good wishes and supports for November


Psst, I wish I can watch the show next year, the album is going to come out sooon.

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