A short story to warm up your resolution

12:24 PM

When I wrote my very first beauty post, I was afraid. Could I make an informative, worthy  and grammatically correct content? I didn`t know what happened until I decided to ignore my fears and just jumped into it.

At first, I was really afraid that my friends or students found out about my blog. I didn`t have any logical reason for that. I just felt ashamed to write. Weird was I ? there were months that I gave up and abandoned my blog, but the calling is too strong.  One day,  I started to post the link on my Instagram and the small circle continues to grow.

Months passed by and I saw the number of visitors growing, from Ukraine, Guatemala, Russia, from the places I never imagined. Some of my students and my friends start to ask about new review. My small circle becomes bigger a bit. Some might be checking out my blog not to read my review but just to know who I am. It wasn`t something I enjoyed at first, but I can`t stop to write, I can`t. I can`t stop to google, to dig about new products on the market.

The anxiety of managing my blog was real, I always kept thinking about things that can be wrong. But I get supports from My SO and my friends. That fear still there, but my SO always be the most supportive person beside me. Without him, the passion to write would be vanished by anxiety and fear. He, day by day, without any words, reminds me to be proud with what I have done and what I am going,will and will have done.

This blog is still far from success. Everytime the idea of overnight success blurring my mind, I try to switch my mind to the mode of enjoying the writing process and write an honest review. Brainstorming with my SO also helps me to see some little steps I need to take to develop this blog.

so what are the points of this short story?

First, don`t be afraid to jump, to try, to get in touch with you inner fear. I found out that fear is stronger when you sit down and do nothing. When you are in it, you even don`t have enough time to be afraid.

Second, there will be always supportive people behind your back, that warm you up, that enlighten you, that lift you, that love you, that really care about you. They love you too much and what they want to see is you are happy and proud with what you are doing.

Third, there will be always person who aren`t happy with what you do and voicing mean or passive aggresive comments is important for them. When you wear make up, they will bring natural beauty without chemical trick things to front, pointing fake brows, colored lips. But who cares when my inner circle understand that I am not only composed by chemicals I put on my face. Maybe nobody loves them, maybe they even don`t love themselves. Maybe they don't even loved or blessed enough so they don't know how to count their blessings so being too critical and mean is what they best at.

Fourth is keep going, keep doing what you love.

Fifth, love yourself.

Happy New Year, all the best for our 2016.

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