The latest skin care department

12:24 PM

My recent skin department menu is different from my previous skin care department.
As what I `ve mentioned in some previous post that my skin becomes extremely dry. I have been in constant hunt for moisturizing products.

Here are some of my latest skin care menu

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (IDR 199.000) is my holy grail cleansing oil. It doesn`t dry my skin like facial foam and it takes away all dirt and make up perfectly.

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream (IDR 130.900) is the new addition of my moisturizer. It smells amazing and texture wise, it is more balmy than the Full Cream moisturizer, does it make sense?

Olay Total Effects 7 cream cleanser isn`t a cream cleanser I expected, as it has little beads to scrub and exfoliate your skin. I don`t use this everyday, just once or twice per week.

MooGoo Full Cream Moisturizer is a perfect moisturizer to calm any irritation but it doesn`t provide too  much moisture for my skin compared with the Udder Cream as it`s extremely dry. I really like the light texture and I think this will be suitable for Normal-Oily skin than dry skin.

Natural Hut Virgin Coconut Oil is a virgin coconut oil that I think has been diluted. It`s a light, easily absorbed oil that I usually apply on my skin after exfoliating. I usually apply this oil on my hair too to prevent damage of using curling iron.

I never try the real, pure Argan Oil, so I can`t be 100% sure about the purity of this oil, but this Natural Hut Argan Oil helps my dry skin and it dries my hormonal acne faster. And it looks good under my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Evian Facial Spray ( Rp 158.000) was on sale when I bought it. At first, I was pretty skeptical about this facial spray thing, as it seems like water bottled and marketed as expensive facial spray, but I was wrong. It calms any irritation, it helps my make up stays fresh and put from morning to night ( 8.30 a.m - 9.30 p.m) . I usually spritz two times to dampen my  Masami Shouko beauty blender or spritz it onto my face to lock my make up. It doesn`t make my face oily, but it does provide moisture until night.

Garnier Oil Clear Self- Heating Mask is a mask that I use to clean my pores as I am not a fan of Biore pore pack. It isn`t painful, it heats your entire face and it does good job in clearing and minimizing pores.

So that`s all of it, have you tried some of them before? sound off below.


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