Local Lipsticks Takes My Heart

Urban Lips Buckingham - Mineral Botanica Pink Parfait - Urban Lips Empire State

As my Instagram is flooded by U.S indie cosmetic brands, I didn't pay attention to any local cosmetic brands till I saw some gorgeous swatches of local lipsticks on The lipstick mafiaa -urban lips buckingham and the lipstick mafiaaa - Mineral Botanica

Don't get me wrong, I have pretty sensitive lips and eyes which makes me be extremely picky. But my heart sings its joyful song of joy when I found good, non-drying , cheaper , local cosmetics lipsticks.

Let me introduce you to Mineral Botanica, a brand that wasn't caught my eyes until weeks ago. I am lucky that a nearby mall has its counter and I just realized that the office is in my neighborhood as most reviewers complain about the availability. Other gems that I found is Urban Lips from Beauty Box Indonesia.

Mineral Botanica SMLC in Pink Parfait #03 (Rp 78.000) is a purplish fuchsia pink lip which is fun, not working appropriate and not a lipstick I can wear with heavy eye make up. It's a super bright color that I can rely on when my face looks tired and pale.

Though it's labeled as soft matte lip cream, It's totally different from NYX as this has liquidy texture. It smells like a cough syrup but the lasting power is superb, it fades a little after a small bowl of lasagna, two slices of pizza and blotting. I just wish that the red one wasn't out of stock, but the good news is it's going to release brand new colors.

Keep in mind that this is a lipstick that suits any skintones but not any personalities. If your boyfriends aren't fan of it, he might have confidence issues (LOL).

The second  and third local lipstick are from Beauty BoxUrban Lips (Rp 180.000) is claimed as a lipstick for busy woman as cited from Elinivana- Urban Lips. It isn't a dead matte lipstick but feels like a balmy without slipping lipstick (does it even make sense?)

The color I pick are Buckingham which is a perfect pink MLBB working lipstick and Empire State which is an orange based red.

Urban Lips Buckingham, Mineral Botanica Pink Parfait, Urban Lips Empire State

I'm definitely going to purchase other colors from these two brands. But I wish that they label their lipsticks with Indonesian instead of English as Nars even names their products with Mata Hari, Surabaya and Madura.

Recommend me other fantastic local lipsticks, I'll be happy to try.

What I am wearing ( Saturday after working face)


Max Factor CC cream in Medium

The Body Shop Instablur primer

SkinAqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50 Face and Body

Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer UV #3

The Balm Instain in Houndstooth


NYX eyebrow cake powder in black/gray

LORAC unzipped

Crease : Unconditional + Unspoken

Lids: Unbelievable

Outer V : Unbridled

Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black

L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara

OFRA Liquid Lipsticks Swatches and Review

L- R : Bel Air, Miami Fever, Havana Nights, Mocha, Pasadena

L - R : Pasadena, Mocha, Havana Nights, Miami Fever, Bel Air

Here is the post that I should have finished taking photos and editing three days ago but I got minor car accident.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick is a matte, creamy, liquid lipsticks which reminds me a lot with the NYX soft matte lip cream due to its mousse texture.

But the similarity ends there. If the NYX soft matte lip cream completely dries afer a few second, the Ofra one never completely dries on lip. Ofra liquid lipstick also stays put longer and doesn`t dry out my lips like NYX did.

Another thing I should highlight is be careful in choosing the shades as what looks like a perfect medium- dark nude on lighter skin tone turns up to be a light, even washing-out -my- face nude on me or on darker skin tone.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Bel Air

This peachy nude without any hint of pink is the first purchase and sadly this isn`t my nude as this washes me out. I usually mix it with Miami Fever to make it less darker on my lips. Compared with other Ofra Liquid lipstick, Bel Air has the thickest consistency.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever

I should say that Kathleen Light first collab with OFRA cosmetics is superb. It's a mix of pumpkin orange with brown undertone which I think would look like a fresh orange on darker skin tone.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights

So I bet you already conclude that I love Kathleen Lights? Indeed.  Havana Nights is a dark red brown with a slight hint of purplish berry. It's something more appropriate for night-out and lighter eye make-up, but in case you need to pull your look together without any fuss, you can rely on this lipstick alone. But as this is a dark and bold color, application can be tricky.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Mocha

This is a medium-dark pinkish brown is my daily favorite. A swipe is enough for me as it can look too dark and vampy on my lips.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena

The lighter version of Mocha which is a pink nude with gray undertone and I can say this is my MLBB shade.  I thought it was a mauve color but it isn't. I feel it will wash out those who have darker skin tone. Among all, this has the thinnest consistency.

Would you try the OFRA liquid lipsticks?
I get Bel Air from Twl cosmetics- ofra liquid lipstick and the rest from The Beauty House Indo- Ofra


Due to lighting, some colors appear less darker than IRL (Mocha, Miami Fever and Havana Nights)

Corine De Farme Micellar Water

I am not a micellar water girl.

If you have read my previous post, you might have known that I love cleansing oil more than micellar water ( Did I mention that?). After finishing my Bioderma last January, I didn`t have any plan to buy any micellar water.  But soon after finding out that The Body Shop Cleansing Oil doesn`t really clean my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara, I know I need to pick one.

Long story short, let me introduce you with Corine De Farme Purity Micellar Water. One of my friend has been using this long before because it is way cheaper than Bioderma and I am glad that it was on sale when I picked it.

My first impression of this micellar water is, this suits my sensitive skin more than Bioderma as it doesn`t leave stinging sensation like Bioderma did to me. It has flowerly scent and it doesn`t taste bitter so it`s also appropriate to remove your lipstick. But like most of the most gentle cleansers I have tried, it`s still makes my eyes a bit watery after use, I don`t blame this baby, my eyes are sensitive.

So if you have sensitive skin like mine and you need a new micellar water which won`t break your piggy bank, go grab this baby.

Complexion Update

Here is the post that I have been doing for months.

Direct Sunlight

Introducing the famous Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla (52) which is my very first pretty expensive high-street foundation. Do I regret it? Nope. It is a really good foundation and I finally bought it after wishing it forever.

It is a yellow based, medium to full coverage foundation which is breathable, light, runny and it contains no SPF which makes this foundation photo friendly. As I don't really need too much coverage, two drops is enough for covering my whole face.

I personally feel that this is a foundation for normal - dry skin tone girl. It stays put nicely during a hot and humid afternoon, but I notice that it makes my face a little bit oily around the T-zone if I use it without Missha BB cream underneath after five hours.

I also tried the serum version of this foundation and I can say that it's more like a tinted moisturizer.  I can`t give any comments about the staying power of the serum version, but I think you will need a primer underneath if you live in humid countries. 

The thing I want to emphasize is I agree with some reviewers that the Healthy Mix Series, especially the serum one, is a foundation for a healthy skin. A year ago when my skin was really dry, both looked horrible on my skin, so I opted for the L`oreal True Match Foundation. But recently, my skin gets better and they look good on my face. 

The next thing I picked is Masami Shouko Teardrop Beauty Blender in Black ( Rp 88.000  or around $9).  I can`t say it's a Beauty Blender dupe, but it gives a really natural, flawless finish and it`s definitely quicker to apply foundation or BB cream with this baby than brush. Another plus point is it`s way cheaper than any of my foundation brushes. FYI, I always clean it after using.

Have you tried them? Sound out below.

Products used:


Bourjois Healthy Mix #52 (Vanilla)

Canmake Cover and Stretch UV concealer #03

Bourjois 12 Hours Aqua Blush in Berry Nice #04


Lorac Unzipped

NYX eyebrow cake powder #01 black/gray

Max Factor False Lash Effect in black

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in black


OFRA Liquid lipstick in Mocha

A Little Organizing Detour

So I finally fulfill one of my 2016 wishlist to organize my make-up.

Long story short, I was hunting for a perfect make up storage since last August (indecisive me), but I have no idea which kind of storage I should choose, an IKEA wooden cabinet, a big make-up artist box(my SO is into it) or acrylic shelves.

After a long hunting and comparing, I decided to purchase acrylic drawer and organizer and I can`t complain. I thought it will be flimsy, but it`s sturdy, simple and  clean. I don`t regret it.

Take a look

Big thanks to Acrylic.Shop !

Chinese New Year Make Up Trial


I remember that I`ve told my SO about my idea to make a detailed post about Chinese New Year Make up but I decided to make it short and simple.

So here are the list of products that I use to create the look above. FYI I prefer anything simple and clean as too much make up makes me look like a drag queen.

Products Used :


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52 (Vanilla)

Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer UV #03

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder #04 (Deep Matte)

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer


NYX Eyebrow cake powder in black/gray

Lorac Pro Palette ( Taupe on crease and Sable on the outer corner, Light Bronze and Pewter on waterline)

The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow in Bronze Bliss (210) on eyelids.

Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black


Colourpop Lippie Stix in Clique


Masami Shouko Teardrop beauty blender

Masami Shouko eye brushes ( Flat Eyeliner Brush( for eyebrows) , medium lid brush no 206, Professional blending brush no 38)

Ecotools Airbrush concealer for under eye and Masami Shouko concealer brush no 303 for spots.

Masami Shouko  Professional angled cheek brush no 10

Real Technique Setting brush for highlighter.

Happy Chinese New Year, Let`s celebrate our year!

A year without SLS and (almost) dimethicone

It`s challenging to follow the no SLS and dimethicone route if you live in Indonesia, as the market is still flourished with smooth silky hair products. You can`t find any supermarket shampoos without dimethicone and SLS which reportedly can damage your scalp and hair. 

I was a big fan of L`oreal anti frizz system which included the shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. Imagine how much dimethicone I`ve applied for years to tame my frizzy hair. I didn`t realize that it weighed down my hair and caused build-up. 

Then one day, I read about the No-Poo route which means you only wash your hair with baking soda and rinse it with apple cider vinegar. It sounds promising but it isn`t practical at all. So I stopped that route and hopelessly tried to find a sulfate and dimethicone free one.

After a long quest for years, I can say that now I have four products that I use regulary. All is sulfate and dimethicone free which makes my scalp less greasy and my hair starts to have more volume.

MooGoo Milk Shampoo (IDR 192.000) 

It comes in big bottle which isn`t handy at all. It smells like milk and can be a bit difficult to be lathered up but it washes the dirt away without making my hair becomes dryer. It still can caused build-up but it`s not greasy build-up, does it make sense?

MooGoo Milk Conditioner ( IDR 192.000) 

With the Yak ( I guess it`s Yak) as the icon, this isn`t travel-friendly too, but it smells amazing and tame the frizz without weighing my hair down. Again, like all the MooGoo products, they are all edible and cruelty-free.

Natural Hut Coconut Oil

I guess this has been diluted but it still moisturizes my hair well. I use it once or twice a week before washing my hair.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Oil ( IDR 199.000) 

Smells amazing and moisturizes my hair without weighing in down . I can`t check the ingredients list but I am pretty sure it`s dimethicone free (hopefully). Definitely yeay for this Serum

Have you tried any of them? sound off below.