Morphe Brushes 35T palette

I finally get my hands on this beautiful, versatile, and inexpensive rose, purple, bronze, gold and brown eye shadow palette from Morphe Brushes. Here welcome the Morphe Brushes 35 T palette.


Inside this palette, you get variety of finishes from matte, almost satin, shimmery and metallic shades.

I am happy to find out that most reviews I have read and watched are true that the metallic shades are the stars of the show. The matte shades aren` t as pigmented as the metallic ones but they work fine and blend nicely as transition shades.Keep in mind that I am not a dark smokey -eye fan and I favor subtle transition color, so I`m pleased with the matte shades pigmentation, especially the darker ones. 

At first, I was afraid that the eye shadows will make my sensitive eyes become watery, but I find out that my eyes are fine while I am using them. But if you have extremely sensitive eyes, better to test this out before buying as each individual might react differently. 

This palette doesn't crease or  have any fallout without primer underneath, but you need to wear a good eye shadow primer to avoid fading and make it stays longer.

So here are all the swatches of this gem!

This is overall, a good palette, but if you have trust issue with any cosmetics manufactured in China and you want make-up products without talc, paraben and mineral oil, this beautiful palette is sadly not for you. 

To sum up, this is a great palette. Most of the eye shadows especially the metallic ones are pigmented and all of them are smooth and buttery and it allows you to create tons of eye looks from neutral to dramatic ones.

This can be a cheaper option of Naked 3 or Lorac Unzipped if you favor neutral romantic palette (I find several shades can be the exact dupe of Lorac Unzipped in terms of color and pigmentation)

To help you decide whether you need it or not, I am going to post two Youtube videos which help me as they give comprehensive review and swatches.

And a tutorial video

Would you order this palette? Sound below.


Revlon's just released Ultra HD Matte lip color in Seduction and Devotion

L:- R : Seduction, Devotion

It's been a long time I haven't picked anything from Revlon and now I just adopted some Revlon lipsticks. I am going to part the review into two posts, the next post is going to be about the classic Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks.

Introducing the just released Revlon Ultra HD lip color (IDR 110) in Seduction, a brownish pink nude which is tad lighter than Revlon Super Lustrous in Ginger Rose and Devotion, a mauvey pink color. Both are office-appropriate lip colors which aren't the most long wearing liquid lipstick I've ever tried, but super comfortable on my sensitive lips.

Top: Devotion, bottom : Seduction

It has a strong cough syrup scent which is gone after the application and it doesn't taste like chemical but sweet.

A confusing thing is some reviewers mention that this has glossy finish, but it dries matte on me and transfer-proof on my lips once it set though I do find the bolder colors can transfer to my teeth while I am applying the lip color.  It fades beautifully after 4 - 5 hours.

Some youtubers claim this as a miss instead of hit and I understand why. It definitely won't satisfy those who expect long wearing and on trend color selection, but I like it cause it doesn't break my lips and super comfy on my lips.

I would recommend this liquid lipstick for those who are looking for a comfortable liquid lipstick instead of a long wearing one. If it's possible, try the tester first and let it for several hours to find out whether you like it or not.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with this liquid lipsticks though it can't beat my favorite Ofra one, but It's still super comfortable and doesn't dry my sensitive lips. More colors, please!

L-R : Seduction, Devotion

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Masami Shouko Brush Egg Review

It looks dirty, I know

Keeping your make-up brushes clean is essential to avoid acnes. But I swear I didn't enjoy washing my brushes as sometimes it's hard to clean the excess product, and though I have rubbed the hair, almost roughly, the stain stays. Try to use baby oil and rewash it again, still my white haired synthetic brushes have brown stain. 

So I was watching the ending of All about make-up brushes - Suhay Salim when I realized a pink silicone thing from Sigma which is designed to clean brush and I just like, wait, I have seen the smaller and cheaper dupe a year ago and sort of freaked-out.

It reminds me with finger puppets. 

So let me introduce you to Masami Shouko Brush Egg (Rp 68.900). I can't say it's an exact dupe of the Sigma one but I can say that it makes washing brushes becomes easier and more practical. 

Manuals on the back of the box

How do I use it? I put small amout of Clean and Clear Essentials foaming facial wash on its surface, then I wet the brush and rub it on the brush egg. It takes less than a minute to clean a brush properly. 

Reine Doll Flat Contour Brush, using this to apply Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Cuba

Do you notice that the pink stain is gone? I can't take picture of the cleaning process as I am afraid I'll drop my phone 

Do I recommend this? I DO especially if you are on a budget. It cleans brushes well and it's cheaper, far cheaper than Sigma. 

If you live in Indonesia, go check the nearest Kay Collection stores or buy it online from Kay Collection- Brush Egg and enjoy the discount if you are using BCA credit card.

If you live overseas and you aren't sure if you could find Masami Shouko, I think any tools which is targeted to clean your brush should work as well as this one. 

Happy Friday and have a nice day! 

Ofra Lip Exfoliator Review

As a lipstick junkie, I have to make sure that my lips aren't chapped.

For a long time I thought lip balm can fix my dry and chapped lips, but I was wrong. It's also important to exfoliate regulary to remove dead skin on your lips.

So after a long consideration, I decided to purchase Ofra Lip Exfoliator which looks like lipstick, has a nice mild scent and works well.

So how I use it? I apply it thoroughly on my lips and wait for 2 or 3 minutes, then rub my lips using a wet warm towel gently to exfoliate dead skin. Finally, I apply my MooGoo Cowlick Lipbalm to moisturize my lips.

Ofra website suggests us to rub our lips gently using clean fingers after leaving it for several minutes, but I found out that warm wet towel works better.

Overall, I am impressed. I think I need to purchase their pure vitamin e too but I am open to any recommendations of lip balm,lip serum or lip mask.

Get your Ofra Lip Exfoliator from The Beauty House Indo- Ofra Lip Exfoliator

Local Brush Brand Takes My Heart

Reine Doll brushes from L- R, crease, pencil , flat contour

If previously I talked about local lipsticks, today it's all about local brand brush which is too good to be true.

Planning to buy some Morphe eye brushes, but due to limited selection here, I planned to buy ecotools eye enhancing duo set till I randomly found Reine Brush Instagram, watched Suhay Salim- All about Make-up Brushes , finally ordered their brushes through their Line account and am blown away by the quality.

So there are three brushes that I ordered, the crease brush which can be used to tap the eyeshadow on your eyelids and blend the harsh line on your crease, the pencil brush which isn't the smallest pencil brush I ever have, but is really good to define your crease area, and flat contour brush that I haven't used yet, which is designed to define your cheekbones.

I am totally impressed by the quality, they are super soft, synthetic brushes which means you can use it for both cream and powder products and the bonus point is they are cruelty-free.

The concealer brush is on my next month wish list and I am waiting for its newest collection.

If you are in a hunt of make-up brushes, go check their Instagram and place your order now.

New Baby on the Shelf, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

I finally got chance to purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Beige Clair #53 which has been out of stock everywhere.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.

If Bourjois Healthy Mix is a semi-matte, medium to full coverage foundation, the sister is a light-medium coverage, gel foundation which feels like tinted moisturizer.

Top : Healthy Mix Serum
Bottom: Healthy Mix
Healthy Mix Serum is thinner 

L : Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanilla #52
R: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Beige Clair #53
The Healthy Mix Serum in Beige Clair is tad darker and yellow than the regular one in Vanilla

Though it's really light, I notice it evens out my skin and brightens my severe dark circles a bit. So this is would be a great foundation for those who doesn't prefer or need heavier coverage.

Similar with the Healthy Mix, this foundation has mild flower fragrance and doesn't contain spf so you can use it as day or night foundation, but I notice that the lasting power isn't as long as the regular one.

I can say that this is a great foundation for dry and oily skin girls. It doesn't dry out my skin but also doesn't make my T-zone oily. I notice that the Healthy Mix can make my T-zone a tad oily sometimes.

L: wear Healthy Mix Serum
R: wear Healthy Mix foundation
Taken in different lighting

Do i love it? I DO. I even cancelled my plan to repurchase my Missha B.B cream as I can use it as my daily foundation.

Btw, if you have oily skin and you are not sure to purchase this baby, go check out the nude sensation one, some reviewers said that it suits oily skin well.

Once again, Bourjois, you win my heart.

Etude House Oh M'eye Line Liquid Liner in Black

Super thin lines, can you see it?

I`m an avid liquid eyeliner user and I always stick to my foolproof and beginner friendly Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in black, but I found a liquid liner than beats my old time favorite which is Etude House Oh M'Eye Line Liquid Liner in Black ( Rp 168.000)

This isn`t an eyeliner I intended to buy at first, I planned to buy the Proof 10 liquid liner which was on huge sale but out of stock, but I didn`t regret my recent pick though I am not a huge fan of dip in eyeliner because the brush allows me to draw super thin and thick lines.

Compared to my Dolly Wink, this eyeliner is more pigmented and thicker. It stays put longer on my eyelids without fading for almost 9 hours though I notice that the outer flicks are gone because I keep rubbing my eyes.

Due to the staying power and pigmentation, it isn't easy to completely remove it like the Dolly Wink one, so if you have sensitive eyes, be really carefull as the cleaning process might hurt your eyelids.

Overall, I'm impressed with this liquid liner and I can recommend this to those who look for an eyeliner which is pigmented, stays all day and cheaper than Dolly Wink.

Do you have any eyeliner recommendation? Tell me below.

WHAT I'm Wearing

Foundation : Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53
Cheek :The Balm Instain in Houndstooth
Eyebrows : NYX eyebrow cake powder in black/gray
Eyeliner: Etude House oh M'eye line liquid liner in black
Eyeshadow: Lorac Unzipped Unbelievable and Unspoken
No mascara
Lips : Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena

Welcome March and traffic jam

I have been unproductive in the beginning of March as my day job and decision making time take all my focus. But as the season shifts from rainy to flood and traffic jam season, my mood has been melancholic, so here are some songs which talks about rain, mud, spring cleaning and heart break. 

I love you all with my itty bitty heart and wait for the reviews, just wait.

Kisses and Hugs

1. Clean by Taylor Swift ( can`t find the official video) 

2.  Hate to See Your Heart Break ( Paramore ft Joy Williams) 

3. Let the Rain by Sara Bareilles 

4. Out of the Woods