Masami Shouko Brush Egg Review

1:26 PM

It looks dirty, I know

Keeping your make-up brushes clean is essential to avoid acnes. But I swear I didn't enjoy washing my brushes as sometimes it's hard to clean the excess product, and though I have rubbed the hair, almost roughly, the stain stays. Try to use baby oil and rewash it again, still my white haired synthetic brushes have brown stain. 

So I was watching the ending of All about make-up brushes - Suhay Salim when I realized a pink silicone thing from Sigma which is designed to clean brush and I just like, wait, I have seen the smaller and cheaper dupe a year ago and sort of freaked-out.

It reminds me with finger puppets. 

So let me introduce you to Masami Shouko Brush Egg (Rp 68.900). I can't say it's an exact dupe of the Sigma one but I can say that it makes washing brushes becomes easier and more practical. 

Manuals on the back of the box

How do I use it? I put small amout of Clean and Clear Essentials foaming facial wash on its surface, then I wet the brush and rub it on the brush egg. It takes less than a minute to clean a brush properly. 

Reine Doll Flat Contour Brush, using this to apply Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Cuba

Do you notice that the pink stain is gone? I can't take picture of the cleaning process as I am afraid I'll drop my phone 

Do I recommend this? I DO especially if you are on a budget. It cleans brushes well and it's cheaper, far cheaper than Sigma. 

If you live in Indonesia, go check the nearest Kay Collection stores or buy it online from Kay Collection- Brush Egg and enjoy the discount if you are using BCA credit card.

If you live overseas and you aren't sure if you could find Masami Shouko, I think any tools which is targeted to clean your brush should work as well as this one. 

Happy Friday and have a nice day! 

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