Ofra Lip Exfoliator Review

11:56 AM

As a lipstick junkie, I have to make sure that my lips aren't chapped.

For a long time I thought lip balm can fix my dry and chapped lips, but I was wrong. It's also important to exfoliate regulary to remove dead skin on your lips.

So after a long consideration, I decided to purchase Ofra Lip Exfoliator which looks like lipstick, has a nice mild scent and works well.

So how I use it? I apply it thoroughly on my lips and wait for 2 or 3 minutes, then rub my lips using a wet warm towel gently to exfoliate dead skin. Finally, I apply my MooGoo Cowlick Lipbalm to moisturize my lips.

Ofra website suggests us to rub our lips gently using clean fingers after leaving it for several minutes, but I found out that warm wet towel works better.

Overall, I am impressed. I think I need to purchase their pure vitamin e too but I am open to any recommendations of lip balm,lip serum or lip mask.

Get your Ofra Lip Exfoliator from The Beauty House Indo- Ofra Lip Exfoliator

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  1. Hi! I'm Diana and I'm new in this world of beauty. I love your reviews and I check your blog everyday looking for new entries, ha. This post is kinda surprising for me. I didn't know lip exfoliators existed, and I'm really excited because my lips are a nightmare...they even bleed sometimes...so I hope this helps. I checked the shop but I'm not sure if they ship to Spain. If they do, and I have a chance to try this, I'll let you know.
    Keep it up girl!!

    1. Hi Diana,I am so happy to know that you keep up with my blog daily.

      Yes, lip exfoliator does help my lips though at first I was pretty skeptical. I think elf also has one which looks like lipstick and some korean brands also( such as tony moly,but in jar, so I don't think it's hygienic.

      Just make sure you rub it gently and put either vitamin e and moisturize, but try to avoid any lip balm which is petroleum based as it might worsen dry lips.

      I'll keep update soon if I find any lip mask, serum or anything that helps dry lips.

      Have a nice day and so glad to know you.

      Thanks for the support