Unproductive April

I want to say my sorry for being super unproductive this April, but my day to night job as a teacher and kind of academic relation thing take all my focus this April and  Mercury also retrogrades, so I can`t escape from cosmic influence and it makes me think twice before posting new reviews.

I feel a bit sad to neglect this blog for a while, it`s been one of my life,  but it doesn`t mean I don`t prepare any reviews as I am currently doing a hair styling post tool but don`t have time to take pictures yet.

Enjoy the last bite of April and I can`t wish anything but good luck and bunch of happiness.

I am going to back soon, kisses and hugs

Disclaimer Disclaimer

It`s been almost 2 year that I write review on my blog and I just notice lately that I haven`t written down any disclaimers but I have to.

All products that I`ve  reviewed from the beginning aren`t sent to me and no company asks me to do a review yet. I might sound like an angel with cushions of money but my blog is still a toddler. 

I just usually write down products that works well on me after testing to save time, so if it`s possible , please do try before buying anything I review here. 

Thanks for keep reading or checking out my blog, hope it helps. 



Two Picks from Beyond

Beyond Hug Sun Waterful cream and Lip Smoother Essence

I was looking for a sunscreen when I finally visited Beyond counter for the first time and I was impressed by the BA helpfulness and knowledge about the products.

In case you are not familiar with Beyond, it's a Korean beauty company which is targeted as a cruelty and harmful-chemicals free beauty brand. 

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.

The first product I pick is the Hug Sun Waterfull Cream SPF 50+/PA +++ ( Rp 199.000)  which is a lightweight moisturizer with sun protection targeted for dry skin ( that's what the BA said). 

I do enjoy this lightweight and non-greasy product though I am not sure whether it really moisturizes my skin.  It also doesn't leave a sting sensation like the Banana Boat Aloe Vera one, so I think it must be suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

I notice that If I apply this using Masami Shouko Teardrop Beauty Blender after I do my base make-up (foundation and concealer), it helps my make-up stays longer.

The second product I pick is Beyond Lip Smoother Essence (Rp 99.000) which is like a clear lip gloss but works better on my lips than my MooGoo lipbalm, maybe because it`s an essence.

The packaging and texture of this essence  remind me a lot with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Butter, but this doesn't contain petroleum and stays longer on my lips compared to Palmer's. It works great on me but it's more like a barrier that sealing and softening your lips than  moisturizing.

I have mixed feeling to recommend this lip essence if you live in colder climate, it does moisturize my lips and it works better than my Ofra lip exfoliator as it softens dry skin on my lips so it`s easier to peel it off. If it`s possible, please do try before buying. 

Overall I am pretty impressed with these two.  I like Beyond concept to provide range of cruelty, and harmful chemicals - free make-up and skincare with cheaper price compared to other Korean beauty brands, plus I do appreciate how helpful and honest the BA is, though I haven't visited other Beyond branches.

What's the best Beyond product you have tried ?

Disclaimer : Beyond Indonesia doesn't send these products to me. I purchase it with my own money so my review is based on my personal experience after trying the products. Keep in mind that products which work well on me might not give the same result on you, so please do test before buying.

Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo and Rinsing Vinegar Review

The vinegar bottle is so cute

I am back with a review of two hair products that I purchased a week ago. A shampoo for my sister and a vinegar rinsing for me, turns out both of us using these two.

I am always into hair products that SLS and silicone free as it makes my hair less greasy. I am an avid believer of washing your hair the other days as once my hair was super dry and unhealthy because I washed it everyday.

Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo is targeted for oily scalp to reduce the excessive oil production. At first, I was a bit scared to buy this because I was afraid it will dry my sister hair strand more as her oil gland still super active and she has lot activities outdoor so she usually washed her hair everyday, but turns out, it's super mild for a teenager and a woman near a quarter life crisis.

One thing I and my sister notice in first application is, it makes you feel that your scalp is open and clean. I notice that some build-up that stay on my scalp gone and I think it must be really refreshing for my sister's scalp as she used shampoos with silicone daily.

As I have follows the no-poo route for a year and I train my scalp to be less greasy, I don't need to wash my hair everyday after using this shampoo but every 2 or 3 days, depends on the gym class I take, though my sister sometimes still needs to wash her hair everyday.

One thing that kinda turned me off at first is the herb smell which is super strong for my nose, but who cares if it works great?

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar is a vinegar made for rinsing your hair. Yes, rinsing your hair.

It might sound unfamiliar for most of you, but rinsing your hair with vinegar isn't a new thing. The common no poo method actually suggests after cleansing your hair with baking soda to remove build-up and dirts on your scalp, you need to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to stabilize the ph levels on your scalp. But both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar can be too harsh for hair as they don't made for hair.

For more information, please read Wikipedia -No Poo Method and Beauty Editor- Vinegar Rinsing

How do I use this vinegar rinsing? After shampooing and rinsing my hair thoroughly, I will pour a few drops of this vinegar rinsing and message it on my scalp, let it for a few minutes and rinse.

It doesn't make my hair silky smooth like hair serum or conditioner, but it does add volume and makes my hair has a life and not flat, and it smells like berries which is so good, though it can be too strong for some people.

If you are on budget, I suggest you to try the rinsing vinegar first as it also removes build-up if you use shampoo with silicone.

Overall, I am pleased with these Yves Rocher products and can't wait trying the skin care range.

Disclaimer : Yves Rocher doesn't send or ask me to do review. I purchase them with my own money. Keep in mind that products which work well on me might not give the same results on you.