Two Picks from Beyond

8:18 AM

Beyond Hug Sun Waterful cream and Lip Smoother Essence

I was looking for a sunscreen when I finally visited Beyond counter for the first time and I was impressed by the BA helpfulness and knowledge about the products.

In case you are not familiar with Beyond, it's a Korean beauty company which is targeted as a cruelty and harmful-chemicals free beauty brand. 

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.

The first product I pick is the Hug Sun Waterfull Cream SPF 50+/PA +++ ( Rp 199.000)  which is a lightweight moisturizer with sun protection targeted for dry skin ( that's what the BA said). 

I do enjoy this lightweight and non-greasy product though I am not sure whether it really moisturizes my skin.  It also doesn't leave a sting sensation like the Banana Boat Aloe Vera one, so I think it must be suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

I notice that If I apply this using Masami Shouko Teardrop Beauty Blender after I do my base make-up (foundation and concealer), it helps my make-up stays longer.

The second product I pick is Beyond Lip Smoother Essence (Rp 99.000) which is like a clear lip gloss but works better on my lips than my MooGoo lipbalm, maybe because it`s an essence.

The packaging and texture of this essence  remind me a lot with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Butter, but this doesn't contain petroleum and stays longer on my lips compared to Palmer's. It works great on me but it's more like a barrier that sealing and softening your lips than  moisturizing.

I have mixed feeling to recommend this lip essence if you live in colder climate, it does moisturize my lips and it works better than my Ofra lip exfoliator as it softens dry skin on my lips so it`s easier to peel it off. If it`s possible, please do try before buying. 

Overall I am pretty impressed with these two.  I like Beyond concept to provide range of cruelty, and harmful chemicals - free make-up and skincare with cheaper price compared to other Korean beauty brands, plus I do appreciate how helpful and honest the BA is, though I haven't visited other Beyond branches.

What's the best Beyond product you have tried ?

Disclaimer : Beyond Indonesia doesn't send these products to me. I purchase it with my own money so my review is based on my personal experience after trying the products. Keep in mind that products which work well on me might not give the same result on you, so please do test before buying.

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