Corine De Farme Divine Hydrating Body Lotion Review

7:14 AM

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might notice that I have dry skin. I have tried any kind of oils, from Palmer's, Bio Oil or coconut one but none helps or gives lasting effect.  The only cure is Dove body lotion which is always out-of-stock everywhere. 

After a series of hunting at my local Guardian (drugstore) I finally put my hands on Corine De Farmer Divine Hydrating Body Lotion (Rp. 190.000 Rp 150.000 for 400 ml) which is still on sale until the end of this May.

I doubted to buy this at first because I can't find any single review of this online and I thought the price is quite expensive for a body lotion. But overall, I have no regret to buy this without proper information beforehand as it is a really good product.

It has a mild scent which is nice and similar to Corine De Farme Micellar Water. It has a light moussey texture which is not thick compared to Dove body lotion. It doesn't leave sticky or greasy sensation and easily absorbed which it is super comfortable to be used on humid days or at nights.

It does live up to the claim in giving long lasting hydration. I don't apply this regulary or daily as I am a lazy girl, but it does a really good job in hydrating my skin, especially on my elbows and legs which always super dry.

I am also testing this product on my mom as she has eczema around her elbows and it does good job in calming the itchiness that she often suffers. If you have eczema, you might need to give this a go. 

Do i recommend this? Yes, I do, especially to those who suffer dry skin and have sensitive skin as Corine De Farme range is targeted for sensitive skin and a little goes a long way, you don't need to put ton of it on your skin to make sure you get long lasting hydration. 

It might be a little bit pricey compared to cheaper supermarket body lotion, but if you have extra dry skin, I don't think they will help you a lot though you apply it regularly. Another plus point is Corine de Farme range is regularly on sale at Guardian.

I just wish that Corine De Farme considers to make a travel friendly version of this body lotion. 

I have to say that Corine De Farme and Yves Rocher (both French brands) products are my holy grail discovery this year.

Note : I want to say sorry for being unproductive this month as I am super busy recently doing my day to night job. Thanks for keep checking my blog. You know you are the reason why I keep doing this.

Disclaimer: Corine De Farme Indonesia doesn't send me this product. I purchased it with my own money and my review is honestly based on my opinion after testing the product. Keep in mind that product which works on me might not give the same result on different individual. If it is possible, please do try before buying. 

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