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I am not somebody who actually like to be fussy about appearance after Yoga or RPM class. If I don't have to work straightly after class, I will just take a shower and put sunblock. When I am not working, I tend to skip make-up.

But there is a day in a week when I have to go to work straightly after gym and here are some things that I pack weekly. I don't bring two concealers or three lipsticks in the same time, I just put them there to show you what I usually pack generally and some of them can vary each week.

So let me give you a brief and detail breakdown of things I pack with me.


L- R : Repit Magic Brush 2 in 1 (24 mm), The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum,  Yves Rocher Vinegar Rinsing.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

This serum does great job in moisturizing and taming my hair. I feel bad to not use any heat protectant as I feel this serum alone is enough. But do you have any recommendation besides TRESemme ? as I feel it has very strong scent.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

If I am sometimes lazy or forget to bring my MooGoo shampoo which isn't travel friendly, I use the gym shampoo which makes my hair gets greasy easily. This rinsing vinegar has been a savior to prevent greasy hair after using gym shampoo.

Repit Magic Brush 2 in 1 (24 mm)

A lightweight and versatile styling tool which allows you to blow, straighten and curl without burning your hand like traditional styling tool (but don't touch the silver part of the comb, it's hot). I am currently doing a brief and detailed review about this baby, but hasn't managed to make perfect curl yet.


MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

A basic, balmy type moisturizer with a heavenly smell which is cruelty-free and edible. Not my holy grail as it isn't really moisturizing if you have extra dry skin.But you can use it for face and body and it's sensitive skin friendly.

Bourjois Healty Mix Serum in Beige Clair #53

My ultimate favorite foundation. It's not as long lasting as the regular one, but it gives a skin like finish and super natural. End of the story.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium #25

A lightweight and easily blended concealer which I prefer than the L.A girl one. It has peach undertone which I think targeted for under-eye circle. Staying power is pretty great for under-eye and great for spots. Thinking about purchasing another shade.

IT cosmetics Bye - Bye Under Eye in Neutral Medium

A new member to my concealer family. I come into a conclusion that nothing can cover my severe dark circles. My first impression about this is it isn't cakey and a little goes a long way. I am currently testing and doing a review about all concealers I have tried so far, so I will post my opinion about this concealer later.  I think it's time to save up and visit MAC counter.

BEYOND Hug Sun Waterfull Cream spf 50+

No stinging sensation and helps my base make-up stays longer.

Ecotools Concealer Brush

A great basic dome shaped concealer brush which isn't the softest one, but overall pretty good in blending concealer.

Real Technique Expert Face Brush

My favorite foundation brush ever. It looks small but it allows you to apply foundation under your eyes.

Top : NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare, The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in deep matte #4
Bottom : black Masami Shouko 108 brush, pink Masami Shouko 13 professional Brush

NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare

It's a powder which gives me a subtle peachy shimmery look on my cheeks which is super natural and healthy. You need to use extra stiff brush to get the most pigmentation of this powder, but as I favor anything subtle, a light touch of this on each cheek is enough.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in Deep Matte #4

A matte bronzing powder which is warmer and darker IRL and has a slight orange undertone. It's good if you want to lightly warm up your face but it's definitely not something you can use for contouring. Not going to repurchase. 

Masami Shouko 108 Blush Brush 

Masami Shouko is a brand that every girl can rely on as it's affordable and keeps coming with new products. This is the blush brush which I usually use to apply bronzer and blush. Not the softest brush they have but it does a good job as a basic face brush for beginners. 

Masami Shouko Professional Pink Tapered Highlight/ Contour Brush #13

I always wanted to have this kind of brush to apply hightligher, blush or bronzer and I went banana when I saw this pink handled brush. It's soft and versatile as I also use it to set my under eye concealer. I hope Masami Shouko will release the smaller size of this tapered brush. 


Top: Lorac Unzipped Palette, NYX tinted brow mascara in espresso, Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black. Bottom : Masami Shouko Professional Dual Brush 40 (apply) and 38 (blend), 41 pencil brush. Masami Shouko 315 Spoolie brush.

Lorac Unzipped Palette

This is a beautiful rosy bronze palette which I personally feel works on any skintones. It has the perfect coloring for my light-medium olive skin tone and I can use every single color in this palette to create natural or smokey eye. I am currently obsessed with Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Morphe 35 0 and Jeffree Star Beauty Killer, but I believe though once I have got my hands on those three palettes, I am going to back to my all time favorite Unzipped.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Espresso

Since I got my hand on this, I forget my NYX eyebrow cake powder as this is super easy and natural. I should have purchased Brunette instead of Espresso but it still works fine on me. It stays all day and fill in gaps naturally. I don't think you can use this product alone if you have thin eyebrows, but if you have quite thick eyebrows, this product alone is enough. Going to finish this tube and purchase Brunette.

Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in black

My all time favorite eyeliner as it's like a marker and easy to commute with. It's not the most long lasting eyeliner I have tried so far, but this is a staple I can rely on for my daily make-up as it's foolproof even for beginner and allows me to draw super thin strokes. 

Masami Shouko Professional Dual Eyebrush 38 ( blend) and 40 (apply)

I have the individual brush of both 38 and 40 and they are my favorite. I planned to purchase both again to stock up when I saw Masami Shouko releases the dual version and it's the best combo I have ever found. Storage can be tricky but it is sold inside a cylinder plastic tube which protects the brush and makes it easy to be stored or to travel with.

Masami Shouko Professional Pencil Brush  41

A basic pencil shaped brush that allows precise application of highlight shades on the inside corner of eyes and dark shades on outer corner of eyes. 

Masami Shouko Spoolie Brush 315

A basic spoolie brush to brush out tinted mascara on my eyebrows. 


L- R : Urban Lips in Buckingham, Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena, NYX SMLC in Stockholm, Beyond Lip essence.

L- R : Urban Lips im Buckingham, Ofra liquid Lipstick in Pasadena, NYX SMLC in Stockholm

I`m currently having a major peachy, brownish,mauvey pink lip color moment as it is MLBB shade. These are the three lipstick that I wear recently in rotation. In case I need extra moisture before or after using lipstick, I dab Beyond Lip Essence on my lips to moist my lips. 

And I have finished my lengthy and detailed post after two weeks.Thank you very much for keep reading or checking out my blog. I am going to be super busy too next week but I will find time to update my blog. Kisses and Hugs.

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