The Face Shop CC Intense Cover Cushion in V205 (dark beige) Review

12:10 AM

Before heading to Europe weeks ago, I had an idea to purchase BB cushion to save space of my travelling make-up case. Budget was and now is my main issue as I try to save more and I found out that The Face Shop cushion range isn't as expensive as other brands, though the company doesn't give extra cushion and sponge.

After reading reviews and comparing each cushion products in the market, I chose The Face Shop CC intense cover cushion in V205 (dark beige) which is the darkest color The Face Shop offers. 

It looks beautiful and classy, isn't it?

Retailed around IDR 329.000, It is my very first expensive base product ever. It contains 15 g or 0.52 oz. product, but you get a really nice sponge which blends any based product perfectly and it has SPF 50+ PA+++, so if you dislike putting moisturizer and sunblock before applying foundation, this CC cushion might be a life savior. 

Nice Sponge

Packaging can be considered as bulky, but the brightside is you don't need to bring separate applicator to apply both the CC cream and concealer. You also don't need to bring mirror and sunblock too which saving space and no spilling and broken bottle incident will happen.

Update 15/7: I forget to talk about the sponge, it is definitely a useful one and it becomes one my favorite foundation applicator besides beauty blender. It has micro pores which doesn't absorb a lot of product so a little product goes a long way. It blends the cc cream and concealer perfectly on my skin. Remember, don't drag the sponge but tap the sponge on your face. 

Now, let's talk about the formulation, it doesn't leave tacky feeling on my face or transfer and a little goes a long way. Though it is marketed as CC cushion, it has amazing coverage as it covers redness but not really covering severe dark circles like mine. It does oxidize a bit when I am using in Jakarta due to tropical climate, but it didn't oxidize while I was travelling around Europe. 

Now the interesting part is, staying power. Some reviews I found give mixed reviews about the staying power. Some said it performs better when they use it in colder climate, but I found the staying power is better while I am using it in Jakarta than Europe. It might be due to dry climate which makes my skin dryer so it didn't stay put for a long time. 

Now about the finish, while I was using it in Europe, it doesn't give me glowy finish like it does in Jakarta. I even sometimes need to set it with powder as it makes my face looks slightly oily, but it stays put from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. when I clean it. 

Freshly applied in Jakarta a day after purchasing, no make up besides the CC cushion 

Freshly applied in Belgium 

Freshly applied in Paris

After nearly 12 hours city touring in Paris

Do I recommend this? I do, especially for those who have normal to dry skin and live in tropical climate as I am not sure about the staying power in colder climate. Though it isn't moisturizing, it also isn't drying and the coverage and staying power are amazing if I use it in tropical climate. 

If you have extra dry skin, The Face Shop offers the Ultra Moist version and If you have oily skin, I think the BB Oil Control Water Cushion might suit you better, but again, please do test before buying. 

Overall, this is an impressive product as it has a very useful sponge plus it delivers amazing coverage and staying power in tropical climate for normal to dry skin girl. Repurchase, Yes. 

Will you try this CC cushion? 

Disclaimer : The Face Shop doesn't send me this product to be reviewed. I bought this with my own money and my review is based on my opinion after testing and using this product. Product that works well on me might not deliver the same result on different individuals so please do try before buying. 

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