Bourjois Unifying Powder Healthy Balance Matite 10h and Eclat Naturel #52 Review

12:28 PM

So last week, I finally tossed some beauty products that expired or don't work on me and my maybelline pressed powder was one of it as it has been with me for nearly 3 years. 

Banana powder is actually in my wishlist as I need something to cover and set my under-eye circles but when I was looking for a lip liner at a local Guardian (Seruni's problem always starts with looking around a local drugstore) I saw the last stock of Bourjois Unifying Powder Healthy Balance Matte 10h & Eclat Naturel and bought it home.

I got mine in the shade Vanilla #52 as I rarely see other shades catered by Bourjois Indonesia. It is actually tad lighter than my skin but it still works fine.

Firsr thing first, you might be not a fan of the packaging, I understand why. It looks cheap rather than classy and there is no applicator provided. But It's not a problem for me as I am not a sucker of packaging and I rarely use any applicators provided. 

Before I give my opinion about this powder, let me tell you that I am inexperienced about face powder at all as I rarely use powder, but this powder gets all my thumbs up as it sets my make-up nicely and makes my face looks flawless but not cakey at all.

On the first day I was using it, I was confused as it feels like it melts on my face but stays put. It took couple of day until I finally read the description, it is marketed as a ultra-fine and melting texture powder which is non-drying and gives you matte and glowy finish. 

It's not a powder with a heavy coverage. If you use it alone, it evens out your skin but with very little coverage. I mainly use this to set my make-up and it works really great when it pairs with The Face Shop CC cushion which can make my face looks a little greasy in humid weather. 

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you have normal to dry skin. I don't think it will keep your oil at a bay if you are oily skin girls living in humid countries. But it will be a really nice powder for dry skin girls who wants something to set their make-up but in the same time having a healthy glow.

If you are not keen of fragrance and talc, this powder might be not a good option to you. It has a floral fragrance which similar to the Healthy Mix Foundation range, it isn't overpowering, but if you aren't into it, skip this baby. If you also avoid anything that contains talc, skip this baby too. 

Last, as one of Bourjois products either the foundation or gel blush caused two big cystic acnes on my mom's cheeks, I really suggest you to try before buying. Bourjois products so far never break me out, but let me remind you to my disclaimer that products work well on me might not deliver the same result on you. 

Overall, Bourjois never fails to impress me, I just wish more shades coming to town. 

So Seruni, How's the banana powder? 

Disclaimer : Bourjois Indonesia never sends me a product for a review purpose. I purchased this with my own money and  my review is based on my honest opinion after testing out the product. Products that work well on me might deliver different result on you, so please try before buying. 

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