KORRES Lip Butter in Wild Rose Review

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Before I start my review, let me say Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate it. 

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This is my very first review of products that I bought during my Europe Trip. I don't do a review in bulk as I want to test all products first before I review them. 

But anyway, let me introduce you to the very first product that I purchased in Europe which is KORRES lip butter in Wild Rose ( retailed for 10.29 Euro at Reform Martin Innsbruck) a lip butter in jar which gives a subtle and natural rosy tint on my lips.

I was confused to pick either the Mandarin Lip Balm version or the lip butter but as I never heard about the Mandarin Lip Balm, I decided to pick the lip butter. ( I came back two times into the store as I couldn't decide which products I should buy in the beginning)

Ingredients List

It has several shades selection but I thought the Wild Rose one would suit me the best as I became quite pale in Europe due to colder weather compared to Jakarta.

What do I feel about this product? It definitely does great job in moisturizing and giving a flush of color. It doesn't last for a long time, maybe around 3 or 4 hours so I have to keep reapplying.

What I like the most about this lip balm though I consider it's a bit overpriced for a lip balm are, first, it doesn't dry out my lips as some lip balms I've tried and second, It's also great for those days when you just want to have some subtle color on your lips instead of extra pigmented lipstick.

Familiar? Indeed, but I was wearing the Lip Butter.

Do I recommend this? I think it will be a great product for summer months but it's just okay for winter or cold months ( I tested this when I was in Mount Titlis and it works pretty good but I think you will need a stronger ones for a dreadful cold dry months) and it's a lip butter in a jar, I am totally not a fan of dipping my index finger on to it as it isn't hygienic.

Will I repurchase? I think I won't, not because I am not satisfied with it, but If I have chance to back to Europe one day, I am going to test other brands.

Overall, It isn't a dissapointing product but not that impressive too.

After playing snow in Titlis for approximately 4 hours. I did reapply after eating. 



N.B. I am sad that I didn't purchase any Tom Ford lipstick in Galleries Lafayette. 

Disclaimer : Korres never sends me this product for a review purpose. My review is based on my honest opinion after testing the product that I purchased with my own money. Product that works well on me might give different result on different individuals so please do try before buying.

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