Homeoplasmine Review

10:14 AM

If you still remember my Instagram post two months ago when I finally got chance to visit French pharmacy, you might have known that I was freezing and confused as I saw a lot of products inside Maxi Pharma. Now, regret collects like old friends( Yes, Florence) why I didn't pick something from La Roche Posay, Caudalie and Klorane? Why Seruni, why? 

But now, let's put my regret aside and jump into my review of Homeoplasmine, a multifuctional ointment that can be used to soothe irritated skin and great for chapped lips. 

If you read my blog from beginning, you must have known that I have dry and sensitive lips. Finding a staple to overcome this issue has been one of my beauty goals as cracked lips under a pile of lipstick doesn't look good at all. So when I found out about Homeoplasmine on Byrdie.com, I definitely put it in my wishlist.

What I can say about Homeoplasmine is this hands down the best instant remedy on those days when you have super chapped lips but you need to wear a lipstick, as it quickly softens dry skin on your lips. But it doesn't moisturize yours, it acts more like a barrier or primer which is great if your lips are sensitive as it avoids direct contact with a lipstick.

Another great thing about Homeoplasmine is it helps peeling off dead skin on your lips easily so you don't need to use a lip exfoliator.

Do I recommend this? Yes and no. Yes if you have chance to visit French Pharmacy. I notice it is super expensive in The USA while the main ingredient is Vaseline. I can't give any comparison between Homeoplasmine and Vaseline as I never try Vaseline, but once I try, I'll make sure to compare both of them. Also yes if you need lip primer or something to instantly soften dry lips, but no, if you need something to moisturize your lips.

So this is definitely not the end of the journey, Clarins Lip Serum or Bite Beauty Lip Mask are in my wishlist.

Disclaimer : Homeoplasmine doesnt send me this product for a review purpose. I purchased this with my own money so the review is based on my personal experience after testing out the product. Products that work well on me might give different results on you, so please do try before buying.

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