Take it or Leave it? Bio Oil Review

1:48 PM

So long story short, months ago I got scars on both on my calves and below my knees. I don't know exactly why I got them, maybe because of mosquitoes bites which made me scratching my legs like a brutal monkey or because I have a bad habit of pressing my legs on the edge of the table above the mirror while doing my make-up. 

As they got worse, I knew it was time to pick something to help reducing my scars, so I went to my local Guardian and decided to give Bio Oil a shot.

Let me tell you I was so skeptical about this product. I remembered I only used it twice or three times after buying it last May. I forgot that I own it until I decluttered my shelf last July and started use it regularly. I wish I had taken a picture before to show you that it works. I personally feel it is pointless to take the after photos now as I don't own the before photos that can help you compare the effectiveness. 

So does it work? It works, but it takes time so don't expect instant result. You have to apply it twice a day and regularly to let the product works effectively. If you are unsure, buy the smallest bottle first like I did. 

So do I recommend it? Yes, I do. But two thing that you should notice is you should use it regularly and avoid the cause of the scars ( I try hard to not pressing my legs again on the edge of the table).

Does it effective to reduce strech marks or uneven skin tone? I haven't tested it out though I do have strech marks and uneven skin tone on my cheeks, so let me try it first and I am going to deliver the result to you. 

Does it helps dehydrated skin? It might, but it doesn't really help my dry and flaky elbows. If you have super dry skin, I recommend you to get Corine De Farme Divine Hydrating Body Lotion instead of Bio Oil. 

So take it or leave it? Take it, if you need something to fade scars and leave it, if you need something to combat dryness. 

Disclaimer: Bio Oil doesn't send me this product for a review purpose. I purchased it with my own money so my review is based on my opinion after testing out the product. The product that works well on me might deliver different results on you so if it is possible, please do try before buying. 

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