Thank You Note

4:45 AM

Six months prior to my birthday was one of the roughest periods I have ever encountered but I am glad that things get milder before my birthday.

I don't have an ability to articulate what I wish I will be, it's either because I am getting older or Yoga teaches me to be content with whatever I have and whoever I am, but making the most of my 24 can be considered as my wish. 

And you readers, air, friends, cat, viewers, supporters, sister, stalkers and anyone who spend a little time to check my blog, I can't say anything but thank you, you ignite fire, you give me ambition, a drive of what thing I want to do. It was hard to live a life without clear purposes of living. I remember how depressing it was when I was just doing my day job day by day without a clear reason why. 

Wherever you are and whatever you do, let me send you my love to you. If you have rough and bad days, don't give up, everything will be okay at the end.




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