The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer Review

5:24 PM

As a girl with olive skin tone, not getting enough sun exposure can wash me out. Blush on and bronzer is definitely things I can't skip or I look dead. 

The quest of getting the perfect bronzer isn't easy, most bronzers I have tried are either too light or too orange or it is shimmery. I need a perfect matte bronzer to do light contouring or just to give me a wash of color. 

After a careful research here and there, I decided to purchase The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer which has been on my radar for almost 2 or 3 years. Yes, I can be that indecisive.

Why do I finally get my hands on this? The price is one of the main consideration besides quality and color. I consider The Balm as one of affordable choice if you buy it online. The counter price in Indonesia is somewhat crazy expensive due to customs and tax.

Now, let's talk about the packaging, a part that we can't skip if we review anything from The Balm. The cardboard packaging with an exotic pin-up lady print is eye-catching and secured. I personally prefer the cardboard packaging as it secures the product inside. You can throw it on your bag and it won't be broken like my Mary Lou Manizer.


Back cover 

This bronzer is smooth, buttery and versatile. You can use it to warm up, contour your face or apply it as a transition shade of your creases. But beware, you might think this bronzer isn't that pigmented when you swatch it on the back of your hands, but a light handed application is highly suggested as it can be too intense and muddy, especially if you have fair skin. 

Personally, I feel this bronzer has the right undertone for me, it isn't too warm or too cool. It isn't orange and it has a bit of greyish undertone which perfect for contouring.

My camera can`t really get the actual color 

compared to The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Deep Matte which leans to orange undertone IRL

Now about the staying power, it stays around 6 or 7 hours on my skin though I notice it fades, but I think if you wear it above a long wearing foundation, it will help the staying power.

Do I recommend this? Yes, if you are on a budget and you are sure this bronzer suits you well.

Bahama Mama on my crease and cheek


If you live in Indonesia, you can get this bronzer at The Balm stores or Beauty Haul Indo - The Balm Bahama Mama


Disclaimer : The Balm Indonesia and Beauty Haul Indo don`t send me this product for a review purpose. I purchased this with my own money and my review is based on my honest opinion after testing the product. Keep in mind that product that works well on me might deliver different result on you, so please try before purchasing. 

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