Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

11:02 AM

I am back today with a review of my birthday treat, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. 

As most of you might be familiar or bored with, you know that I have dry skin, so finding something to cure dryness is always an on going process for me. This Laneige Water Sleeping Mask actually had been under my radar for a long time `til I finally decided to buy it on my birthday a month ago. 

I am somebody who rarely discuss about packaging, but let me tell you that Laneige does a really good job in designing the jar, it is simple yet sturdy, something that will look great on your vanity table ( that I don`t have).

Inside the box, you will find, of course the jar of the Water Sleeping Mask, a spatula to apply the product and a little pamphlet with a clear instruction of how and when you should use the Sleeping Mask. It is suggested that you use this overnight mask 2 and 3 times each week before you sleep and wash it in the morning when you wake up, but you can use more than 3 times if your skin is super thirsty.

Now, let`s talk about the product, does it do wonder to cure extreme dryness? no, it isn `t.  If you have extra dry skin, I suggest you to get Laneige Water Bank Serum (which is on my wishlist ) first as I played with it once and I can see that it will give higher dose of hydration to extra dry skin.

It doesn` t mean the Water Sleeping Mask isn` t good, it is a good product after all. It doesn`t break out my skin and it provides enough moisture to my skin but it is not a product that you can rely alone if you have super dry skin, you also need to use serum and moisturizer too. What I can say is  this is a good additional product to complete your routine of combating dry skin, but not a necessity if you already use serum to hydrate your skin.  

So do I recommend this product? Yes, I do, but keep in mind that if you have super dry skin, you cant` skip serum and think that this mask will solely help you combat dryness. In brief, this is a great product to complete entire routine of hydrating your skin.

A thing that I should mention is, I personally think that this gel consistency mask works on all skin types. So if you have oily skin but you are into the idea of hydrating your skin, this won`t turn your face to be greasy. 

To sum up, this is a great additional product to hydrate dry skin and I love the spatula, Laneige really considers about hygiene. The beauty assistant is also well trained and able to give depth explanation about the products they sell, plus helping customers a lot to pick the suitable products for your needs. 

Will I repurchase? I might, but I will test other masks first. 

Have a lovely week :)  I welcome flu season here, parents and teachers meeting plus stacks of reports I should have finished before next Tuesday. 

Disclaimer: Laneige Indonesia doesn`t send me this product for a review purpose. I purchased this with my own money so my review is based on my honest opinion after trying the product. The product that works well on me might deliver different result on you, so please do try before buying.

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