Repit Professional Curling Iron 35 MM Review

11:04 PM

Before I straightly jump to the review, let me express my sorry for being MIA for weeks as this is a busy month in the office with training, meetings and covering classes. 

Though I love make-up so much, I didn`t  have enough experience to style my hair as one, I didn`t know which styling tool I need, two, I was afraid to damage my hair and third, I thought doing make-up was way faster and less complicated than curling my hair. 

I should have said thanks to my mom as one day she pushed me to pick Repit Curling iron that time than later, If she wasn`t,  I might haven`t had any styling tools til now.

So let me introduce you to Repit Professional Curling Iron in 35 mm which you might be familiar with it if you follow my Instagram.

As the size of this barrel is quite big, it will give you loose waves instead of Shirley Temple's tight curls. The barrel itself is made from Titanium which I think suit those who have thicker and frizzy hair as it produces negative ions to calm down unruly hair.

I have been using this curling iron for a year and what I can say is it still performs as good as the first day.

Now, let me give you a sneak peek of how I style my hair using Repit Curling Iron.

I don't give any step by step of how I style my hair because I think written instruction can be confusing, so I will share three links of my favorite tutorial videos at the end of the post. But I want to remind you of four important things in styling your hair which are :

  1.  If you have fine hair, using styling mousse will help giving volume and body to your hair plus it helps your curls stay longer.
  2. Never skip heat protectant, never ever.
  3. Make sure to give your hair a break. Taking care of your hair is a must, especially if you are using hot tools regularly.
  4. Don't curl you hair in big section as it won't deliver satisfying result.

So do I recommend this? Yes, I do, if you love loose waves or curls and you have thick and medium to long hair as the barrel is quite big and it is made from Titanium so it suits those with frizzy hair.

If you favor tighter curls, the smallest barrel Repit has is the 31 mm one.

Overall, I am impressed with Repit Professional Curling Iron, yes it is quite pricy, but it performs as good as the first day and it is easy to use, plus it also doesn't break or damage my hair.

Last but not least, as this is pretty expensive, please do try before buying. Never buy something expensive without trying. Ask the shop assistant how to use it properly. Repit staffs are very nice and helpful so they won't mind to share tips and tricks to use their tools.

A thing that I shouldn't forget to mention is I adore Repit Indonesia as they are customer friendly. Great products and customer service, keep up the good work.

Last but not least, some useful tutorials

Disclaimer : Repit Indonesia never sends me this product for review purpose. My mom bought it for me. My review is based on my opinion after testing the product. Keep in mind that products which work well on me might deliver different result on you, so please do try before buying.

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