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If you follow my Instagram, you might notice that I mentioned about doing a post that makes me feel like a detective because this is the first time I do a review based on free samples which are sent to me so I make sure I double check anything before posting.

About 2 months ago, Lucy from Nurbesten, a German based online shopping website focusing on nail art and make-up tools offered me chance to pick some free samples from their website. Their English version website is Born Pretty Store

After a week of consideration and with the help of Google translate because I know zero about German, I picked three products, an eye shadow palette, an liquid eyeliner and a fan brush. It took two weeks until I finally got the package and a month to finally finish this review.

Before I jump to the review, let me say that I am quite impressed with the products, especially the fan brush and eyeliner, but my main concern is Nurbesten doesn`t put detailed description of the cosmetics ingredients list. The products don`t break me out or irritate me but if you are someone who needs to make sure that there is no harmful chemical in your cosmetics, you are not going to be happy about it.

Another additional information that I get from Lucy is most of their products are made in China and Hong Kong.

Danni Multi- Colors Serial 10 colour Eyeshadow & Blusher & Lipgloss 

This eye shadow palette consists of ten neutral shimmery eye shadows. The size of the each shadow is impressive as you get 4,2 g of each individual shades. All shadows are soft and buttery but the pigmentation somehow is inconsistent. It lasts quite well on my dry eyelids and using eye primer will help the pigmentation and staying power.

There are two things that makes me raise my eye brows, first is the manufacturer and second there is no ingredients list. 

As Danni is a brand that I just knew, I tried to find detailed information about the manufacturer. I tried to access but it is unreachable. I decided to google Shantou City Danni Industry Co., Ltd. The first trial led me to a company who sells solar panels and street light things and the second trial led me to which displays variety of Danni products without any detailed information about the ingredients list. 

I am not somebody who works in beauty industry so I don`t have proper knowledge to assess this company, but as a customer, I think it will be really nice if both Danni and Nurbesten put detailed information of the ingredients list so customers really know what the cosmetics are made of as customers are getting more and more selective about whatever they put on their face. 

I have an assumption that Danni might have printed the ingredients list on the back of the box but as it is written in Chinese, I don`t have any idea of what it is. If the case is Danni has given the ingredients list, it will be really great if Nurbesten provides translation as Chinese is really hard.

Using Danni Eyeshadow above Lorac Behind The Scene Eye Primer

Hot Pink Charming Liquid Eyeliner Pen Pure Black

The second product without brand and translation or detailed ingredients list is the marker liquid eye liner. I can say I love this liquid liner as it is foolproof and stays all day. It allows me to draw thin or dramatic strokes easily and the pigmentation is intense. The formulation reminds of Dolly Wink liquid liner but this isn`t as watery as Dolly Wink one.

The pink paint crumbles

A thing that a bit disappointing is the pink paint crumbles crazily.

Fan Brush 

This no brand brush is a life. The quality is superb as it is super soft and the ferrule is firm. I use this mainly to apply bronzer and do light contouring. I can`t find the link of the brush that Nurbesten sent me but I can direct you to the almost similar fan brush

My Thought of Nurbesten.De

As this is the first time I do a review based on request and free samples, I try as hard as possible to make an objective review. I am glad that Lucy from let me write an honest review as writing a dishonest review is a big no to me. 

Overall, I can say the products I got are impressive especially the fan brush and liquid eyeliner, just the lack of information about the ingredients list or what they made of might make customers think twice before purchasing anything especially cosmetics from their website. 

It will be great if updates the ingredients list on their website or put translation on the packaging. I know it sounds like a lot of effort but building customers trust will benefit the company in a long run. 

Discount Code

Nurbesten kindly gives me a special code that you can use the code to get 10% discount on full price and free shipping items, discount items are excluded and you can only use it on their German version website so you can`t use my code on Born Pretty Store. If you are interested in using my code, I suggest you to check their make-up tools such as brushes and storage or nail art tools instead of cosmetics.

Last but not least, thank you Lucy and to send me this free samples, I wish ton of good lucks for both of you and readers, enjoy the discount code SERD10

Disclaimer :  sends me free samples for a review purpose. Though these are sent to me, my review is based on my honest opinion after testing out the products. Products that work well on me might deliver different result on you.

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