Local Lipstick Take My Heart Part Two

5:33 PM

With the high demand of liquid lipsticks all around the world, It is really nice to see that it also affects Indonesian market. It`s getting easier to find Indonesian liquid lipsticks which are affordable and perform really good. I should say that in these few months, I am getting more and more enthusiastic about Indonesian cosmetics.

If you have been a constant reader of my blog for a year or you follow my Instagram, you might have known about my Local Lipsticks Take My Heart post or when I raved about a local lipstick weeks ago on my Instagram and I can see right now that I am going to keep adding more and more Local Things Takes My Heart in the near future as while I am writing down this introduction, I already have the next Local Things part 3 and 4 in my mind. 

There are two brands reviewed today and this is not a `comparison or swatches of the whole range` post. I just want to deliver you my insight of these two brands and why their products take my heart. 

You are also going to see that I am not really playful towards shade selection as I don`t want to hoard lipsticks that I am not going to use on daily basis.

Rollover Reaction Lip and Cheek Cream in Saddie

When you talk about Indonesian lipstick, you can`t leave this brand behind. I consider this as one of pioneer of the Indonesian liquid lipstick. Now I do understand why my Instagram friends keep pushing me to pick this lipstick, affordable, good quality and multitasking concept are the plus points of this brand.

The company really puts effort in packaging

Housed in a sleek tube packaging, Saddie is a dual function pinky mauve lip and cheek cream which delivers a great pigmentation and comfortable formula. As it is not a dead matte lipstick, don`t expect that it will stay from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.without touching up but it`s not an issue for me as I am looking for something comfortable for my lips.

I rarely wear this as a blush on but I can say a little is enough as this is really pigmented. If you have super dry skin applying with tapping motion is easier than rubbing it onto your skin.

Saddie looks more muted IRL

If you are into nude shades or wearable red and brownish color, you definitely need to check Rollover-Reaction

Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream in Vanity (004) and Libertine (008) 

L-R: Libertine, Vanity

I am falling over the heels with these liquid lipstick, like I am in love.

These super affordable creamy matte lip cream are out of stock everywhere, but luckily I got mine from Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream- Sociolla

Two shades that I got are Vanity( 04) and Libertine (08). They look a bit similar on tube and hands but they are completely different, Vanity translates as nude pink brown on my lips while Libertine is more like reddish brown shades which is not overpowering and can be worn on daily basis without terrifying my students.

Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream in Vanity #004

Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream in Libertine #008

When they are freshly applied, they feel heavy and tacky but once they set it feels like you wear nothing, plus I don`t need to wear any lip balm beforehand and they are not drying and settle into my lip lines at all. If you are girls with super dry and sensitive lips, you might need to try this out.

I can say that these are even better than NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream or my all time favorite The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick and I wish they release more shades.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with these two brands and can`t wait to try more shades and more and more Indonesian cosmetics brands. I wish that my readers who live overseas would also get the opportunity to test Indonesian cosmetics that I rave.

Have a good day and a good month ahead before 2017, Love you with all my heart.

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