9 Husbands, No Migraine, The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette Review

12:52 PM

My love to eye make-up is growing. I love how eye make-up can change my face and I love how fun the experiment of doing eye make-up is.

Before I got my hands on The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony, I thought the perfect palette would be those who offer variety of finishes in one pan, but my view changed once I played with these grown-up men.

I am not someone who is easily lured by the packaging, but when we talk about The Balm, this is the point you can't omit besides citing gigantic size and intense pigmentation, styled with usual pin-up (handsome) man concept and cardboard packaging which I personally feel greater in holding the product, this is definitely secured and fascinating packaging. 

Inside, you get nine matte husbands that come from all over the world and let me tell you, you will fall in love with each of them deeply. You can create both warm tone or cool tone looks with these men and you don't need another palette to complete your look, but they can be the most perfect complement for all palettes you have as we all need matte shades. 

My fav : Matt Lin, Matt Lopez, Matt Kumar, Matt Moskowitz and Matt Reed.

Most shades are buttery and easy to work with, though some shades are bit gritty but it doesn't affect the pigmentation. Again with all The Balm Products, light handed application is suggested as they can be too intense. 

Is this palette worth? I can say yes, as everyone needs a matte palette and consider the amount of product I get, this is a thing I don't regret to buy.

Overall, I love everything about this palette, I never thought having nine husbands that work well together will be this awesome. No migraine at all. 

Shades used : Matt Lin at inner corner and brow bones, Matt Evans and Matt Reed at lids, Matt Evans at creases, Matt Kumar+Matt Moskowitz at the outer corners.

Sst, don't tell my boyf I have nine husbands


Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review. Please try before buying.

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