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Affordable make-up line with good quality is always a treasure that won`t break the bank.

I have to admit that the very first time I saw the nearest local drugstore (Guardian) carries this brand, I wasn`t enthusiastic. If it`s not because of I am in a quest of finding affordable lip liner which is hard to find in Indonesia, I would say my love to this brand wouldn't have grown.

Besides quite wide range of lip liners and products, one thing I love about this brand is it manages to stay affordable though it`s imported. This is a rare case as most imported drugstore make-up brands become pricey.

I won't say I love everything Catrice Cosmetics offers as every brand always has hits and misses either the formula or color selection. Though the color range of the lip liners and nail polishes doesn't disappoint me, Catrice Cosmetics needs to strech the base products (concealer and foundation) color range for darker skin tone customers.

Now, let me give a brief review of each product that I own.

Catrice Cosmetics Long Lasting Lip Pencil

There are three Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil that I own which are Hey Macademia Ahey! (020), a brownish nude lip liner which can be too dark for my skin tone if it wears alone, Upper Brown Side (100) a pink brownish with a hint of mauve nude which is my personal favorite and Plumpona Ole(170) which is a raspberry plum shade that isn't too bright or too dark for my skintone. All of them are pretty creamy and last around 4 or 5 hours. For the price, they are definitely bargains that I will keep repurchasing.

Plumpona Ole, Upper Brown Side, Hey Macademia Ahey!




Is it drying? A bit, so applying lip balm is necessary.

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer

If you notice, I am not a nail polish girl due to extra short nails and I am not someone who can sitting down quietly and polishing my nails but as Catrice is affordable, I try to give 'em a go and I can say I do love them especially the applicator which makes applying lots easier.

Four shades that I own based on my most to least favorite are Greige! The New Beige (61) a grey based beige which has the best consistency amongst the four as it's not too thick nor liquidy, Sweet Macaron Sin (99) an office appropriate brownish peach with a hint of pink which is more into thicker side than runny, Vino Tinto(38) a dark purple,almost black plum which consistency is a bit runny and Mauve To The Beat (117) a mauve with a hint of purple which is the runniest of them all.

They stay perfectly around 3 or 4 days before they are chipping. I can't blame the formulation as I have to deal with broken fotocopy machine on daily basis.

Catrice Cosmetics Gel Like 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat

I have a mixed feeling over this 2 in 1 product as I haven't played a lot with this. First impression is it dries quite fast but I am not really sure whether they keep the manicure stays perfect for a long time, but who wears the same nail polish for a week?

One thing that I should let you know is, if you are sensitive with chemical or nail polish scent, turn off your air conditioner while applying the nail lacquer and the coats or you will be dizzy.

Repurchase? trying different colors, yes.

Catrice Cosmetics Glam&Doll False Lashes Mascara (purple tube)  and Volume Waterproof Mascara ( blue tube)

Let me be honest with you that these two affordable mascara weren't something I plan to buy as I want something that makes my lashes looks voluminous and fluttery but as I found out that the nearest Guardian stops selling Kiss Me Heroine Mascara that sounds promising, I switched my plan and bought these two. They are super affordable and don't irritate my eyes plus very easy to take off, just if you want dramatic lashes, these two aren't for you.

I like both of them but I prefer the Volume one (blue tube) because I love the wand though it doesn't do much in term of adding volume but this is (both of them are) a great mascara for daily basis.

Repurchase? Yes, if I need a subtle mascara for daily make-up that won't abuse my lashes.

L : Glam & Doll Volume Waterproof,  R: Glam & Doll False Lashes 

Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream in Light Beige (020)

We all know I am struggling at finding perfect under eye concealer and now let me add more problems to cover, zits on my chin. As I stop doing Yoga due to irrational teaching/working schedule that keeps making me sick plus regular dairy product intake and stressed, my hormones are acting out.

Besides finding the cure and eliminate those triggers ( I miss my Yoga class), I also need a great and affordable concealer to cover my zits so I test out my luck and I can say, I like this product as it's handy and provides medium coverage, just it's still a bit too light for my skin and it's not really long lasting.

For the price, I won't say it's a bad one but I expect something which is a bit dry like this will stay longer on my skin. But overall, this is a great concealer to conceal minor zits or spots.

Repurchase? Nope, as I need to invest for high-end one.


I have to admit that I love how affordable it is and I know I will keep repurchasing the lip liner. The base product is out of my radar due to coloring, but I can't wait to try the lip and eye products and I have to say, I love Catrice.

See you in my next review!

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post. Please try before buying.

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