Nurbesten Free Samples Volume Two

6:28 PM

Pink: white head remover, orange: flat foundation brush, Snoppy:12 eye shadow brush, purple case: 5 eyeshadow brush set. 

It`s really nice to finally able to sit down and write down review without a nagging to-do-list pops out in my mind as I finally finished my day job as a teacher and I hope I don`t come back to education world anymore.

Today I am going to sit down and finish my review the free samples from Nurbesten that I got months ago. In case you just find my blog or you haven`t read my previous review, Nurbesten is a German online shopping website which sells nail art and make-up tools, make-up and etc.

This time, I order all tools instead of make-up as previously the eye shadow palette I got doesn`t have any English translation and I can`t check the ingredients list. Don`t get me wrong, It doesn`t cause any irritation even on my quite sensitive eyes but I do understand it can be an issue for those who pay attention to the ingredients list. 

The four tools I got are a flat foundation brush, 12 set of eye brushes, 5 set eye brushes with a purple packaging and a whitehead/blackhead remover.

I love this brush

In general, I do enjoy the brushes, especially the flat foundation brush as it performs as good as another flat brush that I have and easy to clean and the 5 set eye brushes is handy and has a very good quality. 

On the other hand, I won`t say the 12 set eye brushes has a poor quality, the ferules are well made and the synthetic brushes are soft but sadly not all of them are very useful, some are too flimsy so they don`t deliver the job very well and they don`t have names so if you are new to make-up, it would be like a guess work. 

My three most used 

The flimsiest ones

The last product I got is actually quite disappointing as I had a high hope to this product. I was and still looking for a perfect tool to extract whitehead and blackhead so I was enthusiastic to give this a go. I hoped that it would help me clear out the whitehead on my chin but it didn`t, instead I kept having breakouts around my chin. I won`t blame this product alone as I was consuming too much antibiotics months ago which may have killed good bacteria in my gut plus high level of stress which might cause hormonal imbalance. 

The whitehead remover

So do I recommend shopping on Nurbesten? I do. But like what I have said earlier, you need to be really selective in adding products to your card. The quality of the brushes is still amazing though I recommend you to get the individual brush instead of the set ones as I am afraid there will be some brushes that are too flimsy. I won`t recommend you to get the whitehead or blackhead remover as it might be too harsh for your skin.

Once again, thank you to Lucy and Nurbesten for the generous sample and chance to write an honest review!

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Disclaimer : This isn`t a sponsored post but Nurbesten sends the samples for free. My opinion is honest and based on my experience after trying the products. 

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