Ditching aluminium salt, Sebamed Deodorant Spray in Active Review

3:01 PM

Living in a humid climate and working as a teacher, antiperspirant was a must. Though don't really have any body-odor issue, certain fabrics don't really get along with my armpits, either it makes me sweating excessively or smell bad. 

Was an avid user of Dove anti-perspirant and fully aware that it has caused a long debate as it's linked with numerous health issues such as breast cancer and hormonal problems, I didn't take it too serious 'til my boyfriend warned me. 

After digging local drugstores and internet, I finally got my hands on Sebamed Dedorant Spray in Active. Housed in a glass spray bottle, It has a strong masculine cologne scent which might be a major turn-off for those who favor feminine scent. The scent is a bit strong for my liking but at the end of the day, it completely fades.

Worried that it wouldn't effectively work, I am surprised to find it works better than the Dove one and it leaves my armpits odor-less at the end of the day, unlike the Dove one which leaves sort of musty and pungent odor.

Should you give it a go? In general I advise to switch to safer or natural deodorant and Sebamed Deodorant Spray can be one of the option to test. I do notice this brand don't get much appraisal by the users but you might need to detox your armpits before switching to aluminum salt free deodorant or simply, take shower regulary and avoid certain food. 

Though it's way pricier than my old time favorite Dove, I have decided to ban antiperspirant on daily basis and going to be a loyal worshipper of aluminium free deodorant.


Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post.

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