Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Review

3:23 PM

As a, then - busy, now, moderate - busy Leo, maintaining regal hair is always a must. Finding your mane looks good in the mirror is a mood booster on a hectic day. To achieve that, we do need a cheat-sheet slash life-saver as working ladies do not have enough time to wash greasy hair everyday to maintain Selena Gomez hair goal and living in a hot and humid country like Indonesia can be tough, honey.

In short, I am going to review a French Pharmacy dry-shampoo that has loyal devotees, here welcome Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Gentle Formula for brown to dark hair. 

As an avid user of that affordable Batiste, I finally stepped out from my comfort zone to see whether this dry shampoo really a game changer and worth the hype as I found Batiste leaves residue on my scalp which can be mistaken as dandruff and some of Batiste`s variants worsen my hair loss problem. 

After two months using this dry shampoo, I will say it lives up to its claim, it`s easily blended as it`s a tinted one and adds volume without gritty sensation that Batiste has. It smells good and leaves my hair feels soft but it leaves residue on my scalp though not as bad as Batiste.

The major downside of this product is the price (and availability in Indonesia).  If you are a girl with a quite shoestring budget and live in a humid climate, this can be considered expensive as you might need to use it frequently. Another thing I should mention is if you favor a dry shampoo that can act like a mild hair spray which gives you more oomph and texture, this is not for you. 

Though I love Klorane formulation, I have to say that I will cancel my separation with Batiste as I prefer a dry shampoo that offers hold and is affordable. I will stick to the Yves Rocher Vinegar Rinsing to clean the buildup and wash my hair more often as dry-shampoo can`t replace regular shampoo. 

Hope it helps!

Disclaimer : This isn't a sponsored post. I am currently designing my pr policy. 

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