Repit Natif Cleasing Repair and Aqua Moist Essence Review

4:09 PM

     Sarcastic, mischievous and dry, these are the first three adjectives I would say to describe myself, and I confidently believe that the term ' dry' describes me perfectly as an individual, from my dry humor, dry lips, dry skin, scalp and hair. So anything labelled as oil, hydration and moisturizer appeal me the most and today I am writing down a review of two hair care products that work wonder in moisturizing and hydrating my dry scalp and hair. 

Last year, Repit Indonesia generously gave me Repit Natif Cleansing Repair and Repit Aqua Moist Essence. In brief, the cleansing repair is a Godsend oil shampoo derived from Sancha Inchi and formulated without silicone and paraben while the essence is a leave-in conditioner targeted to treat hair that abused by coloring treatment or hot styling tools in daily basis. 

I would be upfront by saying the idea of using oil to cleanse my hair was strange but this works wonderful! I don`t need to rinse it using warm water  which is a big plus as I hate rinsing my dry hair with warm water. It leaves my hair manageable but still retaining the volume and the wavy texture. 

I have to say that these two products work wonder! I love how the essence moisturizes my hair and leaves me with manageable and soft hair. I lent it to my friend who keeps changing his hair color and he loves this baby as it moisturizes his dry hair and he ordered it right away!

In conclusion, these two products are bomb! Repit never fails to impress me! I am waiting to the day when they rolls out to local drugstores and supermarkets` shelves!

Disclaimer: This is not a PR post. My opinion is honest and based on my experience after trying the products. It is suggested to try before buying. 

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